Proven Ways to Achieve Better Blog Maintenance – Step 10

Maintenance of your website is very important, which is why I have made it number ten on the list of building a website.

Basic Website Maintenance

One thing we can do is cleaning up unused files on the server using the FTP program we downloaded during our installation of WordPress Plugins.

Be careful with this, we don’t want to delete any files needed for our site to run. Just to be safe, make sure you backup your blog before deleting or editing any files on the server.

You can do this from within WordPress. Go to the sidebar located on the dashboard, find ‘tools’, and click ‘export’.

We are then taken to the screen to backup your WordPress blog. Select ‘all content’ and then export the file.

This will download a single file containing all of your blogs, pages, and images.

If something was to happen to your site, you can upload this file to WordPress again and everything will go back to the way it was right before the making of the backup file.

maintenance 1WordPress Maintenance

This is important as well, every so often WordPress has an update to make it better and more secure for the users. Always backup your site before updating WordPress

This even goes for all your plugins, they need to be updated sometimes as well so make sure you backup your blog before doing so.

There has been reports of people updating a plugin and then everything seems to stop working. Don’t get caught without a site backup, we don’t want to have to redo all our hard work.

Appearance Maintenance

Keep your websites appearance fresh and clean. If things start to get cluttered go through and find ways to freshen it up.

Add drop down menus, take off some sidebar widgets and remove some affiliate images.

Content is the most important aspect of your site and you will find that even ugly sites will rank.

But a site that has good content and a great look will often get more reshares from the visitors. This also helps the user feel comfortable, so don’t clutter your site.

Please leave me a comment if you have any questions, as always I am more than happy to help!

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