Wealthy Affiliate, You’ll Regret Not Joining in 2017

Wealthy Affiliate in 2017 is the best platform to learn affiliate marketing. You get connected with people who have been affiliate marketing successfully for years.

There are paid and free versions so you have no reason not to grab a free account and give a test run. Best part is, the free account is not a trial and will never run out!

This is the only online community I recommend. I have been a part of Wealthy Affiliate since 2013 and could not be happier. Meeting other bloggers, giving and getting feedback, and learning from others is a big part of success online.

The information is broken into four main steps. You will walk through these four steps in a way that everyone with the ability to get online can follow. No prior knowledge is needed to start. Which is why this platform so great for learning how to grow your blog.

Overall Ranking: 95/100
Price:  Free or $47
Owners: Kyle and Carson
Website: wealthyaffiliate.com

What Wealthy Affiliate is Not.

Wealthy Affiliate is not a Multilevel Marketing strategy. Signing up with my link and then getting referrals yourself does not make me any money. If you join with my link I am your mentor, there to help you when you get stuck or have questions.

Wealthy Affiliate is not a multi-tiered system. Each level of information does not have a separate up-sell. The free account does have limited in functionality compared to the premium membership. This is expected due to the cost of running servers and paying for various developments as the site grows in numbers.

A premium member unlocks everything. You need not worry about upgrading again to get even more content. It’s either free or premium, that’s it.

What Is Wealthy Affiliate?

Wealthy Affiliate is a community of bloggers from all walks of life and all places around the Earth. This community is friendly and helpful to all of the members. There is always someone who knows how to solve the problem you are dealing with at any given moment.


I joined Wealthy Affiliate in 2013 and I love where it has gone. Every day, I am impressed with the volume of information they offer and this applies at the free account level.

Nothing I have used is in the same league as Wealthy Affiliate. I did my research on many, including My Lead System Pro (MLSP) and Empower Network. Neither of which give the total number of resources that Wealthy Affiliate does, for free!

Pros & Cons of Wealthy Affiliate


1. Free account!

It is so refreshing if you tried other sites in the past and came out disappointed. When signing up there is no need for a credit card. They let you hop in with just your name and email address. Even at this level, you get so much with no commitment.

2. Ton of Resources:

I’m serious! It took well into a month to get through the free resources. They walk you through the four steps in a very seamless manner. If you have experience online some of the information will be a review. But it’s great to recap and solidify your knowledge. You may find something you did not know.

3. Helpful Community:

Every premium member is friendly and understanding. They were in your shoes at one point and understand how to help you over those stumbling blocks. Without support no new business can make it, not even one online. I was never so welcomed in a community until I joined Wealthy Affiliate. No social network even compares (not even Facebook).


1. Some Content Needs Premium:

This is expected when having free and premium content. That being said, the price is well worth it. Nothing comes close to the resources you get as a paid member. The value is just so good. Wealthy Affiliate is going to college online for a fraction of the price. I’d happily pay twice the amount to be a part of this community.

2. Only 7 Days to Make Comments:

When using the free account, you only have 7 days to make comments on other peoples posts, training’s, and questions. This includes private messages which is a bummer. If you join and can’t upgrade in 7 days but still need help send me an email.

3. Only Get 2 of 10 for free:

As a free member you only get two of the ten courses to walk you though. This is only a con for someone who does not want to upgrade to secure their online presence and make money online. That being said, the 2 courses each have 10 lessons. This is a month’s worth of content for free and it’s a great place to get started.

Who is Wealthy Affiliate for?

Everyone who wants to make money as a blogger; and anyone trying to push their online business to the next level. Even if you have zero experience making website and never heard of the word affiliate in this context. You get walked through the each process step by step from the beginning.

Training Overview

I never saw such an in-depth training program for a free account ever. You’ll find hours upon hours of material and it will take days to get through everything. I have been able to spend a good deal of my day learning from Wealthy Affiliate. I took my time to finishing the courses and came out a better blogger, hands down. Let’s break down the four main steps they will walk you through the process.

Wealthy Affiliate in 2016 - step 11. Choose an Interest:

It’s a good idea to pick a topic (niche) that you are passionate for or have a great deal of knowledge. The best niche for you, is one you are both passionate and knowledgeable about. This will make you an authority and keep you interested to blog on your subject.

2. Build a Website:

This may appear daunting but don’t worry. With the steps they outline and how thorough the courses are you will get your blog up and running in no time. If you sign up with my link, I’ll be your personal coach ready to answer every one of your questions. If I’m not around, thousands of other members are there to help.

3. Attract Visitors:

This stage of the course you will learn the best practices to building traffic, keeping readers, and converting them to raving fans. They cover Search Engine Optimization (SEO), proper link building, and why it’s important to be social. Getting and keeping traffic is key to your success online and at Wealthy Affiliate you will learn from the best!

4. Earn Revenue:

Wealthy Affiliate in 2016 - step 4

Once you know your interest is solidified, your website build, and you are now getting traffic it’s time to earn money from your efforts. This is where you become an affiliate. Many businesses offer affiliate programs including Amazon, Target, Wal-mart, and many more.

It’s as simple as signing up to join the companies affiliate program, grabbing the link they give you, and when you recommend the product to the user you have them navigate to the site using your link. If they buy the product after clicking your link, you get a commission. Sometimes as high as 75% of the sale!


Everyone on Wealthy Affiliate is friendly and willing to help. This allows a quick response to any question since you don’t need to wait for the support team to see your message and then give you lackluster advice. You get the experience of other members who dealt with the challenges you are. You get to learn from their mistakes so you don’t have to make the same ones. I wish I had this community and support when I started 10 years ago!


This is the best part! It’s free for the starter account; and sometimes that is what you need! If you value what you are given at Wealthy Affiliate in 2017, grab the premium account for only $47 a month.

With how much information you are given as a premium member it’s like going to college. But instead of spending thousands of dollars a semester you’re only paying $47. I’d have skipped college and used my parents’ money at Wealthy Affiliate if I knew this platform existed.

There is also the choice to pay by the year. The savings with this option are staggering.  Here is the break down, the yearly membership is $359 per year. If you were to pay the monthly fee each month for a year this would come out to $564 per year. That’s a saving of $205 per year or 36.35%!

That adds up quick. I’ve been a member of Wealthy Affiliate since 2013, in 2017 if I only ever paid yearly I would have saved $615. There are people who can boast a ten-year membership. How much do would they have saved? $2050! All of that money can go back to improving your site for your readers.



Final Opinion on Wealthy Affiliate in 2017:

If you tried other sites with no luck or you have just been researching for days upon days this is the site for you. The anxiety and hair lost goes out the window with Wealthy Affiliate.

If you take the time to sign up for the free account, I can promise, you will experience relief when you see the community is there to help you make the most of your online business.

You will understand why so many people, including myself, stick around as premium members. There is nothing better; start building your online business, the right way!

Sign-up Bonuses!

Just to let you know, I am offering bonuses for signing up for the free account with my link.

After you join, I will send you a message with the details on the bonuses you will receive. These include my personal help and a 59% discount on the first month of the premium membership!

If you use Wealthy Affiliate please tell me what you think of it!


    Yvette Masson

    Hi, re Clickbank – do you have recommendations about improving conversions on a varied webpage? I own a file sharing site and as such it’s very to match offers to the visitor. regards


      I’m not sure if clickbank has an option for that. Doing it manually would be a lot of work. The easiest way would be to use adsense but the income would be much lower. Sorry I could not be more of a help.

    sundra poole

    hello jaron, Great website. Love how you explain everything about Wealthy Affiliate. All the information needed for anyone to get started. Great advice.




    Hey Jaron,

    Truthfully, I don’ think there is another place online that teaches affiliate marketing quite the way that Kyle, Carson and everyone else who creates training in Wealthy Affiliate.

    The platform is suited for the total newbie to the advanced marketer.

    It is just refreshing to see what Wealthy Affiliate is dong especially when you consider the numerous amounts of scams that we now see on the internet.

    Wealthy Affiliate sets the standard by which all other affiliate marketing platforms should be measured.

    Thanks for a very honest and thorough review.

    All the best,


      I totally agree Jason!


    Thanks for a concise and easy to read review. No frills approach gives me just the answers I’d want, quickly and easily.

    Sue Lee

    Hello Jaron,
    I am very impressed with your reveiw of Wealthy Affiliate. You have shown that it has great qualities and looks to be a great value whether someone is new or experienced. By reading your review, I can see that signing up for the starter membership is a no-brainer!


    Wealthy Affiliate seems like a good investment. How long have you been with them? What do you think the average time is for seeing a profit from using this program? Thank you.


      Hi Larry, I joined back in 2013. My best guess would be that if the average person works hard at the course and their site. they could see profit in as little as six months. But a true average of all people who are a part of Wealthy Affiliate is outside my knowledge. Would be a cool statistic to see though!


    Hi Jaron,

    I totally agree that Wealthy Affiliate is the best platform for learning affiliate marketing or any online businesses.

    I was clueless about any of it before I joined Wealthy Affiliate. Now I am able to run 2 websites that I build with my own hands.

    The community in Wealthy Affiliate was ready to answers all my questions, no matter how silly they were.

    Dave Donahue

    Great review on Wealthy Affiliate. This info gives you everything you need to make an informed decision before signing up.


    Definitely a solid, straight to the point review. I gotta say, I was always hesitant to join WA because all the reviews I’ve read are soooo damn positive. It almost sounded too good to be true.

    But if you won’t risk, you won’t win, right?


      You got it Julius! If there is anything you think could be added to help ease other people’s hesitation please let me know.


    The way you described Wealthy Affiliate is very interesting and convincing. Concise and straight to the point. Absolutely, Wealthy Affiliate is a good place to be when you want to start an online business for free.

    Nancy Nelson

    Great review and spot on. After ten years of trying to learn how to first build a website and second how to make money with a website, Wealthy Affiliate has been a great relief from all the scams out there. It’s a great community with awesome training!


    Wow! A dream come true…This site is complete with all the information to step right into Wealthy Affiliate and begin working from wherever I choose and earn money on my terms.

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