Understanding Categories – Step 7 of Building a Website

Understanding Categories 1

Category box shown during post creation/editing

Categories are a way to help us organize our posts, to make it easier for both us and our readers.

Before we start making posts on our blog, lets set up a few categories that we would like to fill.

Pick three topics that you will be able to write at least ten posts to start.

Now get out a piece of paper and write down the categories with possible posts underneath.

As we go through and create content under each category we can easily cross off the post and view our progress.

This will keep us on track to achieve our goals.

Understanding Categories: Examples

I will use this site for example. Here you will find a ‘Website Construction’ category.

This includes this post, plus the previous six steps we have covered and all the rest in this series.

I also have categories for ‘Setting Your Goals’ and ‘Social Networking’.

Categories can be anything that will help us organize our posts.

Since I have a review of Wealthy Affiliate here I created a category called ‘Reviews’. This is also where I will place other reviews that I may choose to write in the future.

Understanding Categories: Finding Relevant Categories

Finding relevant categories is pretty easy but sometimes we need some help.

Remember back in lesson one on finding a niche? We talked about looking up chapters in books relevant to our niche to make sure there will be enough to write about.

This is a great place to get topics and categories for you site. Go back and look over that information, if you are having a hard time remembering.

It will serve you well to have, at least, three categories with lists of posts before we start creating content for your niche.

Understanding Categories: Adding Categories

Understanding Categories 2

Used to create/edit categories

On the left sidebar, hover over ‘posts’ then click ‘categories’.

This will bring us to the category page where we can create and edit our categories.

First name your category, such as ‘Reviews’.

Second pick a ‘slug’; this will be what is shown in the URL such as http://supportingbloggers.com/category/reviews/

Add a description if you wish; this is not required but may be helpful in the future.

Finally, click ‘Add New Category’ and there it is! Your first category has been created.

If you have any questions please ask me in the comment sections here. I will be more than happy to help you out in any way I can; thanks for reading!

Creating Posts – Step 8 of Building a Website ➫

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