8 Unusual Social Media Marketing Tips to Boost Your Presence

Today, businesses are improving their approach to Social Media Marketing. Even those who were resisting them for a brief period are now attracted to the fantastic benefits that can be had. Social media marketing helps you to grow your business, build trust and is now a Google SEO ranking factor.

But, if you are spending to advertise online, how can you get the biggest return for your advertising dollar?

You need to begin with a rock-solid social media marketing strategy to pave your way through this. As you dip your toes in social marketing, you will soon realize it’s not as easy as it seems. It can get tough to put up with for sure, but the gains can be huge. All you need to do is just get the hang of it and perhaps put in a few efficiency helpers along the way.

Doing so can take a ton of time and within several social media arenas, it’s easy to get side-tracked.

You just need to stop following the MASSES because most of the time, the “M” is silent.
You need to make your approach unique and engaging if you want your social media efforts to be effective.

If you do the same things that your competitors do, how will you get an advantage over them. Better yet, how can you expect to beat them?

So for your own sake, you have to ensure your approach is simply superior. To help you out, we are giving you a few Social Media Marketing tips to begin a stellar marketing strategy in she “socialsphere”!

8. Experiment in Your Approach

social media experimentWhen it comes to Facebook News Feed Advertisements, create the whole thing to give your viewers something to do. Yes, don’t just push products in their faces.

You can achieve a whole lot more by adding the “Learn More” button instead. This will create intrigue and doesn’t scream “break out your wallet and buy me Now!”

Write a 30 to 50 word description of your product and add in a cute little “To be continued” sign. This will spark the visitor’s interest (if your content is compelling in the first place) and now you just need to add a call to action button (Learn More).

Also, when you are adding a button, you can test out the following choices for your button:

  • Contact Us
  • Shop Now
  • Watch More
  • Book Now
  • Download
  • Learn More

Adding such buttons in your Social Media Marketing post can help you stand out and take your marketing to the next level. Adding them will improve your call to action and compel the reader or visitor to take action.

Just make sure you choose the right button according to your content.
It should suit your niche or else it will ruin your engagement. Make it relevant and enticing along with the entire “advertisement.”

7. Be Relevant With Social Media Marketing

When you experiment with Social Media Marketing for the first time, don’t lose sight of what you’re there for. Again, it’s super easy to get sidetracked and go off on a tangent.

Whatever you do, just be focused and stick to your end goal. Always check your Facebook Relevance Score. Perhaps this is even the first you have heard about this sweet little feature.

Facebook Relevance Score evaluates the expected interaction with your respective ad. The Relevancy score is calculated by actual and expected feedback, both positive and negative from target visitors. The score later updates in real time as people interact and leave feedback. This can be pivotal in your advertisement’s overall success.

Positive Feedback: This includes Likes, Comments, and Shares. Positive Feedback also sums up other various types of actions including clicks to the website, for instance.

Negative Feedback: Negative Feedback covers the instances when people hide your ad or ask for not to see it again. Yea, not good!

Make your Social Media Marketing ad with a 1 to 10 scale and be sure to monitor progress with real-time interaction. Your initial goal should be somewhere in the 500 impressions per day range.
Here are a couple of tips to help you improve your relevancy score:

  • Test the ad with a small budget to check initial relevance score. As you eventually obtain an 8 or higher score, increase your daily budget a bit. Scale it up accordingly.
  • As relevance scores update in real-time, be sure to monitor your ads. If the score happens to drop below 8, it’s time to make a few tweaks.

6. Make Alternate Versions of the Same Ad

When writing headlines, we often make more than one and then we choose the best. The same trick is for creating ads. When you stumble upon a cleverly crafted social media ad, don’t assume it’s a masterpiece.

Many have likely been tried multiple times and perhaps failed miserably. Therefore, do your best to invoke emotion and strengthen possible click-throughs. Here are a few tips in that arena:

  • Test multiple ad images
  • Write a couple of version of the Ad Copy and swap them out
  • Adjust the ad copy according to hobbies and gender
  • Monitor, Monitor and Monitor
  • Ditch the worst performers and try something new

Remember, your ad should not only promote the product, but engage the customer into a real conversion. You can achieve this if you add compelling questions too. Social media marketing is all about engagement.

Learn how to resize images with this video tutorial.

5. Differentiate the Mobile Traffic

social media trafficWhen learning about Social Media Marketing you need to segment your audience according to what they use, Laptops, smart phones and tablets have surpassed the standard old desktop computer.

To optimize your conversation rate, be prepared to hit the large majority of your audience on mobile media devices. To improve your approach, here are a few tips to try:

Avoid Rough Drafts because they are messy
Facebook Ads are not as bad as they sound. Try them out and you’ll get the hang of them with practice.

  • Make your image big, because it’s the most important element
  • Optimize for Graph Search
  • Bid for ads and track conversations

Remember, your Key Metrics to look for: these are Reach, Cost per Action, Likes and Frequency
But, don’t only think about the devices, also think gender, age and location
Make your results appear naturally in each of the social networks’ news feeds. Don’t force-feed your audience.

4. Make a Custom Landing Page

If Conversation Rate Optimization (CRO) is your goal, like sales and signups, then you also need to consider that where the client will end up once they perform that click. Therefore, make it a two-step process:

  • Create the compelling advertisement
  • Create a must-read landing destination

Successful Social Media Marketing involves a custom landing page; this is where copy carries over from the ad and causes an action. Additionally, the more targeted your ad is, the more targeted your landing page should be. E-commerce ads perform well in this realm.

A single engaging ad can drive the visitor from the landing page to the main product page and a ton of sale. The landing page should be super easy and void of menus or anything that distracts the visitor from completing the intended action.

Here are just a few conversation rate optimization tricks to remember:

  • Visuals are key
  • Clear call to action
  • Responsive Design
  • Limited Form Fields
  • Goal Oriented Copy Length (keep it brief!)

3. Don’t Forget to Bring Up the Price

social media priceSocial Media Marketing is all about pre-qualifying your traffic. You want people to click on your ad and proceed to the next action.

With this kind of targeted traffic, you’re going to have folks with credit cards in hand, ready to buy. Don’t low-ball your products just to make a few sales and kill your profit margins.

If you get this right, you will generate thousands of leads that will head to the landing page. And, when you have tweak your copy just right the sales will come roaring in.

2. Promote Discount Offers

Statistics have shown that at least 50% of your targeted traffic are likely to click on discount offers. This is a simple yet hugely successful social media marketing strategy. Test out offering a discount along with your ad copy. If you mention discounts on your ads, it will likely lead to a big payday.

Don’t worry; you don’t need the discounts tied to special events or other occasions. Try to have different pricing options. The trick is, you can offer different offers on discounts. This will make your ad more engaging.

Remember, you need an integrated discount which you can explain in your ad copy. Don’t get verbose, be brief and use visuals whenever possible.

Apart from the price, you could also incorporate a countdown timer. Keep the time window short, but not too short or it will diminish the effect. Try to step it up and offer a bit more as compared to your competitors. If you can throw in a free bonus, this create perceived value. This can give you a competitive edge.

1. Create a Group

social media groupsYou can pull this off in any of the social networks today. But, creating a group on Facebook remains the most effective option. Creating a grouping here allows others to share their idea publicly, share questions and knowledge.

It also allows them to see what others have to say.

It’s an open invitation to criticism, opinions and add-ons for sure, but this is what makes Facebook better than everyone else. You can use the group to share your set of skills, products and promoting your special offers.

The concept here is to offer value, so don’t pester group members by only posting advertisements day in and day out. Build your authority and branding.

If you truly want to rock your social media marketing in a big way, create your own public group. You can invite friends and they might have friends, but be sure to use your keywords carefully. You could open it up to the public OR you allow membership by invitation only.

This creates exclusivity and give the impression of “being on the inside.” It also wouldn’t hurt to offer your members some free tips and other discounts from time to time. Nurture this group just right and it could lead to more than just a one-time sale, but long-term buying customers.

As your revenues increase, so will your authority. This will make your group appear in news feed automatically. To a degree, it’s a popularity contest. This will improve your exposure and thus, new members will join soon. All this may be a bit out of your comfort zone, but his is the power of social media marketing and it’s only going to grow.

About The Guest:

PJ Germain

Pj Germain – Author, Blogger and SEO Consultant. He has been a celebrated digital marketing business builder and residual income trainer with exceptional leadership skills.

Pj’s greatest joys are his family and friends as well as helping educate and inspire others on how to succeed with their own entrepreneurial careers.  Visit him at Pure Residuals and discover your true potential.


    James W D

    You provided some very sound advise here and I will be looking to incorporate this into my Social media efforts. I just started my first mini campaign based off the information you provided here. I am looking forward to seeing just how I can make this work.

    By the way this line, “You just need to stop following the MASSES because most of the time, the “M” is silent.” made me LoL something good!


      Thanks for commenting James! I’ll be sure to pass it along to PJ!


    Wow, some stuff here that I didn’t even know about. I will definitely be incorporating these into my own website and social marketing efforts.

    Thanks for the information, the detailed instructions and the wee bit of wit thrown in!


      You are welcome Andrea, PJ sure know’s what he’s talking about with his 25+ thousand followers on twitter alone!

    mohd azeezy

    This article is very usefull in term of social media marketing. You’re sure give many point on how to initiate people to get the product we offered. Anyway thanks for the article. Worth reading it 🙂


      Thanks for commenting Mohd! I’ll pass along the good news to PJ.


    A lot of good information here. I love this though …You just need to stop following the MASSES because most of the time, the “M” is silent. That’s great lol

    FanGrow.com App

    Amazing article, thanks for sharing your knowledge, it is always good to learn something new!


    This is very useful. Its the small things that will make you move past your competitors. I especially like the idea of offering discounted offers and the countdown timer. Some people may not be doing this. Thanks for sharing!


    Oh I had no idea PJ wrote this until I got to the end.

    Great advice, great tips and as always I just love PJ’s way of looking at things and his style of writing.


      Thanks Lynne. Yes PJ is an awesome guy!


    Awesome! What a great and helpful post. So much great info for a newbie like me 😉 I’m really interested in all of this, but it does get overwhelming at times. I have to come up with a strategic plan. I’m also very interested in the landing page.

    What are your suggestions for the strategic social media plan and landing page? I mean, where do I even start with these things?

    Thanks again!


      Hi Liz, great questions. PJ of course is the best person to ask but I’ll give you what I can. For the social media plan you want to mix it up. Don’t just post content all the time. You need to post your content daily but mix in some other tweets that your followers will find interesting. Also retweet others who have helpful information for your readers. As for landing pages I would start with learning how to write good sales copy (I’m still learning myself) that way when you have a landing page the conversion rate is as high as it can be.

      Hope that helped!


    Jaron & PJ:

    I can see I’ve got my work cut out for me!

    I certainly was NOT aware of the Facebook Relevance Score. But that wasn’t the only bit that I learned reading this article.

    I’m going to have to brush up on my Facebook strategies, I can certainly see that! But the payoffs will be worth the extra effort.

    I loved the humor woven into the article — as a recovering standup comic, I always find it’s easier to absorb new information when it also brings a smile to my face.

    So thanks for the awesome tips! I’ll let you know how they work for me!



    Yes social media is a great and I am going through that learning curve right now, lol. I like the Shuttle pic. I have stacks of autographed astronaut pics I’ve been saving since I was about 9. Thanks for the info Jaron ; )

    Donna Whitehead

    Thanks for all the great tips. You are always such a great wealth of information!!!!! I always learn new stuff that is easy for me to work into my own!


    Thanks for sharing this great article Jaron.I am new to online business and learning a lot of things everyday. Pj is awesome!
    Social media is very important. I have had my social accounts for a short time because I have been busy adding content.I am not good at facebook but I like using twitter and pinterest. I hope I will learn more.


    You must have read my mind, this is exactly what I was looking for today and it popped up in my news feed! I am still very new to the online business world and after building my website for the last few weeks am just now turning my attention to promoting it on social media. I will definitely keep all of this in mind as I move forward. Thanks again.


    Hi, Jaron. I just love your website. I am new to blogging and often become overwhelmed! You have so much good advice and tips for success! I have you ‘bookmarked’. I have found that the ‘writings’ are not necessarily all that is important to be successful, it’s a combination of each action. Thanks so much. Great post! Oh Yeah, PJ is the BEST to ever get advice from…Awesome teacher/leader! 🙂


    Hi Jaron, great post! I really enjoyed reading that and I feel like I’ve gained a lot of new information. I especially like the tip about testing different ads. I think I’ll give that one a try! All the best.


    Experimenting with different versions of your ads and landing pages is something that I have struggled with in my social media advertising. It’s an essential part to the learning process. Not every ad is going to do well and sometimes it’s as simple as changing one word or picture. The only way to find out is to test different versions

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