ProWritingAid Review: Be Positive Your Grammar Isn’t Disastrous

I was using a few grammar programs to help keep my writing clean and concise. Tools like Grammarly, and the Hemingway App, for around a month before I was lead to ProWritingAid by a creative writer and fellow blogger I follow on twitter.

I am forever grateful for her recommendation! The free ProWritingAid is far superior to both Grammarly and the Hemingway App combined at the free level. If you have never used a grammar checker of this caliber you are in for quite a treat!

ProWritingAid provides paid versions with extra implementation, deep faster checks, and browser extensions. When you upgrade to the more advanced version of the app nothing even comes in range of beating this grammar juggernaut.

Overall Ranking: 97/100
Price: $0 – $40/year
Owner: Orpheus Technology

Three Levels of ProWritingAid


They give a ton of information on your writing for free. When I first used it I was overwhelmed. I’m not an English major or a published writer so most of the terms used were foreign. Luckily, this app gives an overview of what each section means.

Once you click on the issues, it shows you possible options that can improve your writing, make it more clear, and less wordy. Even at this level, I was not only improving my writing but learning. As I used the software more I noticed that each time I had less errors over all. That’s a good feeling!


Premium will cost you a measly $35/year. This knocks out their competition. Grammarly asks for $100+ per year to see the “advanced issues” that they hide from the free version.

Features of premium:prowritingaid docs icon

  • Fast Article Analysis
  • Microsoft Word Integration (Windows only).
  • Google Docs Integration
  • Desktop app
  • Chrome Extension
  • WordPress Plugin
  • Writemonkey Plugin
  • Reports including Corporate Wording and Pronouns
  • Personalized reports
  • The ability to create your own rules or House Style.

You may buy multiple years at one time for a discount or just hop in for life for only $120.


Their top tier package includes the features of free and premium along with 50 free plagiarism checks. This package starts off at $40/year and drops in price if you buy multiples years. There is a lifetime buy for a one time payment of $320.

Reasons to Use ProWritingAid

Improve Readability:

When using the application you will come out with the readability of your writing greatly improved. The software checks for many issues. These include:

  • Commonly overused words
  • Hidden and passive verbs
  • Cliches and redundancies
  • Overuse of adverbs and glue words
  • Vague, abstract and complex words
  • Repetitive sentence structure
  • Repeated words and phrases

Catch those Embarrassing Mistakes:ProWritingAid book

No one likes to be told they made a mistake, but it’s good to know so they can be fixed. ProWritingAid helps keep the grammar police at bay by covering every part of your writing. Below is a sample of the mistakes the app catches.

  • Punctuation Placement
  • General grammar mistakes
  • Correct spelling mistakes
  • Plagiarism
  • Commonly confused words
  • Capitalization and hyphenation

Become a Great Writer:

As you use the application you will learn how good grammar sounds. As you write you will catch these mistakes. Even though I don’t recommend editing as you are writing since it breaks the flow. You will, at least, have the mental note of what not to do. Over time you will end up with less mistakes when checking with ProWritingAid.

How to Use ProWritingAid:

This is how I use their premium web app. I have not yet tested the Microsoft Word or Google Doc integration, so I not able to comment on the functionality.

After logging into, I click the “Editing Tool” link at the top of the page. If the post already exists I copy and paste the text into the white space. Click once to get rid of the text, then once more before you paste. I’m not sure what the reason is for clicking twice but it seems the area needs re-selected (at least for my computer and browser).

prowritingaid toolbar

Now the fun starts.

Once the post is finished or is pasted into the space you will use the icons at the top of the text area. (Pictured above) They include style, grammar, overused, cliches, sticky, diction, repeats, combo, more, and settings. I go through the list one at a time. Starting with style and working my way to combo. Once I complete the list I go through the process again.

The reason I go through the options twice is due to making changes as the app finds issues within my writing. I want to be as sure as possible that my writing is free of grammar, style, and diction errors. As you use ProWritingAid, you will see one section where you always have issues. For me it’s the sticky sentences, I write long and drawn out sentences with lots of ‘glue words’.

Once I’m finished with the two passes I then copy and paste the text right into WordPress. It’s that simple and you can be confident that your writing is the best it can be.

Is This App for You?

This app is for anyone who owns a blog, has a job writing, and students. I’ll focus on bloggers for now since if you are reading this you are most likely a blogger or looking to blog. It’s a good idea to use this ProWritingAid to check your writing. Even if you can only afford the free version to start.

When people come to your blog you want them to get the information you offer, in an easy to absorb manner. Having bad punctuation, misspelled words, and horrible grammar will keep them from learning. They may not come back if it’s horrible.

Give your readers the best chance to learn by providing clear and precise posts with great grammar. You will get better engagement, questions, and more shares. I also recommend using the chrome extension if you use chrome as your web browser. That way all of your blog emails get the same grammar treatment from ProWritingAid.

Are you using ProWritingAid? What do you like most? What do you like the least?



    Great post!


      Thanks Terri!


    I will definitely be looking into the free version of this for now. I just started doing freelance work & slowly dipping further into the water. Proper grammar is a necessity for winning higher-paying contracts. I didn’t realize how “simple” my grammar was until I took some tests and realized how much I have forgotten since my last class 12 years ago. 🙁

    I’ve bookmarked this page for future reference. Thanks!


      I know this will help you out a lot. It sure has for me. Thanks for reading!


    I will definetely look into ProWritingAid, I am not a big fan of Grammarly, as it often misses common confused words. I have a pretty good grip on my grammar, but tend to be better finding errors in other work, rather than my own.


      It’s always good to double check and when we don’t have a professional editor this can act in place of a person. Thanks for reading Elisa!


    I’ve only ever heard of Grammarly before so this is very helpful to know. I’ve never thought of using a grammar check tool before but you certainly make a strong case for using Prowritingaid.


    Oh wow THIS is such a great tool to know about! My wife is the writer of the family so anything I can get my hands on to help with blogging is helpful. I love that there are different levels to help as your grow in writing. Thanks again!


    I’ve never heard of this before – I just use the spelling and grammar checker supplied by Word but that doesn’t flag up the overuse of my favourite words. Thanks – will take a look. You’ve left me wondering what a glue word is!


    Like the others commented, I have never heard of this app. I use what’s in word but have never gone beyond that. I will need to try the free version.


    Sounds good. Did you use it to edit this post? …copy and pasting….
    Too bad this error wasn’t caught.


      thanks for the heads up, not even a human editor can catch every single mistake.


    You make a good case for using the paid for product. I use the free Grammarly free version which notifies me when I do something really stupid and helps with my poor spelling.

    Do you not think that writer should learn how to write correctly and not rely on software to correct them. Surely a person’s writing style, flow, and creativity will be crushed under the weight of software correction?


      haha I love your style Carl. Yes, it is important to not rely on them. I have found that my writing off the top of my head is getting better after using this web app. however my spelling is still horrible.


    Thanks for all the great information.

    I am definitely not the best at grammar and I will be sure to give this a look at.
    Anything to help my writing for my website.

    Thanks again!


    I am using open office writer, can this be used with the pro writing aid


      My apologies on the slow reply. It might work, however, I have not tired it. At the very least you will be able to copy and past what is written into the web app to check the grammar there. (that is currently what I do)

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