Proven Headline Secrets You Need Immediately

The best headline secrets are not secrets at all. We see them everyday and they get us to click a link or buy a product. The headline is the post title for your blog. Optimizing this to its full potential is key to getting people to read your blog post.

If you write an awesome post you want people to read it but that’s the hardest part. How do we convince people to read our blog in the half of a second as they scroll by our post on Twitter, Facebook, or even in their email in box?

Having the most optimized headline for your blog post is essential to getting eyes on your hard work. The person may need what you are offering but could miss it due to a poor post title.

I have been studying headlines for a few months now from the best writers. In an eBook by CopyBlogger they state that only 2 out of 10 people will click through to your blog post from your link! That’s if you have a good headline. Else, it will be much lower, if any at all.

Headline Secrets Are in The Words

The best headlines include an even mix of common, uncommon, emotional, and power words. There are tools online that will help you measure your headlines in order for you to make them the best you can. We’ll get into that further down the page. For now, we’ll focus on the parts of a good headline.


Common words include the, you, to, and the list goes on. These often are needed to link ideas together and help make your headline readable. In the title I chose for this post adding the common word ‘you’ was important for the idea to make sense. Every headline needs common words but be sure not to overdo it. You want to make sure you have room for the others.


Uncommon words include need, more, see and so on. These are very similar to common were they are often used to connect ideas and short phrases. They may even add a little weight to your headline such as the word need. Using ‘need’ will not only connects ideas but it implies urgency and a sense of lack if said item is now owned by the reader.headline secrets emotions


These next two word sections are the bread and butter of your headlines. Emotion words stir up just that, emotion, in your reader. Many people act on emotional impulses and chances are you clicked this link because an emotion formed after reading the blog title. Emotion words include, immediately, proven, and secrets. All of which I used in the headline for this blog post.


Power words drive home an idea and work to get your skimmers to become clickers. These include words like gigantic, unusual, and discount. You want these words to be unique and trigger the reader to click into your blog post. Power words will drive traffic to your blog post from both social media and search engines.

Proven Headline Secrets Word Mixture

You want to mix these four types of words well within your title. The formula is as follows, 30% of your post title should be common words. Do not go over this or your headline will fall flat and lack proper emotion. Uncommon words should be 20% of your title.

Followed by about 10% of your words being emotion. Don’t use too many emotion words. If you do there is a risk of sounding too sales or your headline could appear as “click-bait”. Finally, have at least one power word in your headline.

You will find as you build out headlines there is overlap between power words and emotion words. As I walk you through the steps of writing great headlines in the next section you may find this common.

Headline Secrets to Finding the Best

Let’s outline the steps that work best for putting the headline secrets into your blog titles.

Step 1 – Format

headline secrets

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You can use Google Sheets, Microsoft Excel, or Office Libre. All of them work just fine for recording your information. In the first row, starting at the left, add “Title” to the first column, “Score” to the second, and “Grade” in the third. Free free to edit this anyway you’d like as you use this process.

Step 2 – Open

This is the tool we will use for this demonstration. There are other web apps and it’s a good idea to use more than one. If you use more than CoSchedule’s tool add another column in step one to record the information from the other tools you use.

Step 3 – Test

Enter your headline into the box on CoSchedule headline analyzer page. Once it reads your title it will give you a score and grade along with some other useful information. Add any information you’d like to your spreadsheet.

headline secrets

headline secretsStep 4 – Record

Take the information that the tool gave you and record all the information into the sheet. This will help you to visualize what headline is the best for you blog post. Once you fill out about 25 rows worth of title options you can short the sheet and see what is the best headline for you new blog post.

Step 5 – Repeat

Do it again! I aim for 25 headlines before picking one as recommended by Garrett Moon, the founder of CoSchedule. I like this approach. You can flush out what you want the title to say and the promise you will make.

Remember to use all types of words in your headlines. I use CoSchedule’s tool because they make it super easy to know the percentage of each type of word in your headline.

Keep your emotion and power words low but strong. You want to have an eye catching title without appearing as spam or click-bait. Test, Test, Test. The more headlines you test and work with for each blog topic the better your chance of finding the best one.

Do you use CoSchedule or another app when putting these headline secrets to work?


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      Thanks for joining Krill! You can find these words around the internet. I’ll try to get a link posted here for future readers.

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