An Honest Platform University Review

Platform University has been picking up steam, so I joined and wrote you a review. This membership may not be what you are looking for and that’s fine. Take my experience and conclude if it is best community for building your blog’s brand.

This community offers a lot of great information for any new blogger or someone looking to take their casual blog and take it to the next level. With plenty of videos, how-tos, and downloads. You are bound to find something you will learn within Platform University.

I love what Michael Hyatt does on his blog and always find myself listening to his YouTube videos while I tweak my site. He knows what he’s talking about and his insight is worth your free time.

Platform University LogoOverall Ranking: 85/100
Price: $37/month
Owner: Intentional Leadership

What You Get For Your Money

Platform University has many resources ranging from videos, PDF downloads, and interactive forums. The resources included are super informative for a wide range bloggers. Or as Michael Hyatt calls us, Platform Builders.

Master Classes

I enjoyed watching some these while I was a member of Platform University. These are monthly videos, about an hour long with a subject expert.

These experts share with the members tips and insight on their particular subject. You will find this uplifting as you go through the back lock of some 30+ Master Classes. Each one has nuggets you will take add to your arsenal of blogging weaponry.

The videos are not always about blogging or website development. Often you’ll find a video just about general business practices or how to get your product off the ground. All types are good for bloggers to listen to. The Master Classes give us a sense of what to expect when growing our brand.


These are also video based (unless I missed one that was not) but are much shorter in length than the Master Classes. They give practical, straightforward information on how to improve your blog or optimize it to its peak potential.

This information is useful to anyone who is growing their blog. The how-tos do not get into blog set up or where to buy a domain. But will be helpful if you are up an running with a few posts under your belt. The how-tos that I checked out all had an accompanying PDF download to go along with the videos.

Backstage Passplatform university backstage pass

This is where you get a “behind the scenes” look at how Michael Hyatt runs his blog. He touches on a single topic each month. You’ll see how he manages his WordPress back-end, what plugins he uses, and what third-party tools he recommends.

These are up close and personal. Unlike the the Master Classes and How-tos. Just Mr. Hyatt and a video camera. His friendly demeanor and personality shine through in these videos. View it as a one on one with a successful blogger. Take his advice and use it to your advantage.


I swear everything within this community is a download. You can download all the PDFs that go with the lessons. You can download each master class video to view later or download it as an MP3 to listen as you drive or work.

It’s amazing that they let you have all the resources and consume them in whatever format works best for you. This goes to show that the team at Platform University cares about their members and are not worried about their content being stolen. (Don’t steal)


This is the main area for interaction within Platform University. It’s a robust forum with many topics and every member has instant access. This is useful for asking questions.

You don’t have to rely on one person but have an entire community of people willing to help. Since all members can comment, you may get a few opinions and varied answers. This will let you find the best option for you website.

Platform University site reviewSite Reviews

The Platform University team also does a site review once per month. You are given the opportunity to submit your website for the chance of having them review you specific website.

It is still a good idea to watch the reviews even if your site is not the one being reviewed. You may find the team comment on something that sets off a light bulb in your head or you may even have made the same mistakes as the site being reviewed.

Engaging in these site reviews are a great way to take your blog from ok to stellar.

Why I’m no longer a Member

Yes, I am no longer a member of Platform University. I even left during the first thirty days and they honored the money-back guarantee. Why did I leave? Because Platform University was not for me. I gained little information I did not know. The few things I learned could not be justified in the monthly fee.

This does not mean you wont find a ton of value here. Remember, I blog about blogging. If I did not have as much understanding as they were sharing, how could I write this site with authority? I encourage your to join Platform University and try the platform for yourself. You may find everything you are looking for in a community. If you feel this is not for you, cancel. Their thirty day money-back guarantee allows you to try, risk free.

Platform University Vs. Wealthy Affiliate

How do these two communities compare for starting a blog?

As you can see Wealthy Affiliate offers more for the new blogger and someone starting from ground zero. The price is a tad bit more for Wealthy Affiliate but you gain many resources you will miss out on at Platform University. I still have Platform University marked ‘yes’ for my recommendation because this list does not cover the strong points of the membership site.

If you are already blogging and don’t need most of what Wealthy Affiliate offers go check out Platform University. You will more than likely gain the knowledge you need to build your blog into a business. Create and sell your own products and converting visitors into email subscribers with the great walk-throughs and Master Classes.

Do I recommend Platform University?

Of course! The amount of information is staggering, and you are bound to find something you don’t know mixed in. You may learn how to build your business better or how to tweak your blog to get more email sign-ups. Does this mean you won’t be able to find this information elsewhere, no. But having everything in one place is helpful for anyone with a relatively new blog.

I would not recommend Platform University to anyone who wants to build their first blog and has nothing started. You will not find the step-by-step setup you will at Wealthy Affiliate. You may find the task doable alone and ask the Platform University forum for help here and there but can’t wont compare the to step-by-step walk-through offered at Wealthy Affiliate.

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    You have a awesome review! You cover great information and your pro’s and con’s are explained really, well! You hit the nail right on the head, some programs work for some and then may not work for the other person! Keep up the great work!
    Kind Regards,


      Thanks for the comment Krissy!


    I might try Platform University in the future but right now I will use Wealthy Affiliate. I just joined and honestly it is great. I am exited and it just makes me want to become better and better in what I do.
    The review gave me a good understanding what are the differences between the two programs and what Platform University would give to me.
    Great content and well explained!


      Glad to see the information was helpful. Let’s connect on Wealthy Affiliate!

    Jase Rosenburg

    Thanks for all the great information!


      Thanks for reading Jase!


    I appreciate your honest and unbiased review of the Platform University program Jaron.

    I believe that they truly have some useful value for all those who decide to join. It is refreshing to see that they are providing a real business opportunity that we can all model and achieve some form of success.

    Thanks for sharing another good opportunity.



    Great information Jaron.

    I really liked that you can download everything (even in MP3 format) so that you can listen to it whenever you want.

    I have personally been involved with Wealthy Affiliates now for about 2 months and I love it. It has everything that I need to know to take my blog to the next level. An the support on to community is incredible.

    I tried out the free version for 7 days first and within 2 days I was hooked and got my membership. The fact that you can try it out for free first to see if it’s for you is awesome.



      Thanks for the comment Marcus! I agree the downloads were super useful while I as giving it a test run.

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