7 Helpful Habits For Promising Growth

The following habits for promising growth are what I found to be the most useful. Not all of these are directly related to blogging, such as optimization or writing, but they helped achieve those ends.

Remember, these have helped me and I believe they will help you, just adapt them to your lifestyle. If you don’t do something on this list does not mean you’ll lack success in the blogging sphere. That’d be ridiculous for me to even suggest.

If you find something useful or interesting below, try it. It may help you gain the focus you need to write the next killer blog post for your niche.

7 Helpful Habits For Promising Growth

Wake Early

habits for promising growthThe first of the habits for promising growth is waking up early. This gets talked about all the time with many studies backing up the concept.

Is it because waking up early gives us more time to work or do we truly feel more productive?

Whatever the reason, I have found that I tend to get much more done if I wake up early.

It is likely due to time but there is also a sense of achievement. If you don’t get up early, try it for a week and see if it makes you more productive. You may be surprised.

Work Hungry & Drink Coffee

This one is a bit unorthodox but it’s my favorite. I had breakfast for the first time in about 8 months while I was in Jamaica.

I almost never eat breakfast in the tradition sense. Technically, I do break-fast with food (kind of the point), but I don’t eat in the morning.

Simply push off your first meal until lunch time. If you want to increase your drive or have a big list you need to finish, make it a game. No food till all the work that needs to be done today is done.

Don’t think of it as punishment, you do gain focus as studies have shown. If you put this into practice you will see just how unfocused you will get after you eat. The results can be rather staggering.

To help with the hunger drink coffee during this time. Coffee and water is all you should consume if you are going to try is trick. It blunts hunger and energizes you into over gear.

Check out this TEDx Talk titled, Why Fasting Bolsters Brain Power

Plan Out Blog Posts

The third habit of the habits for promising growth is planning out your blog posts. This is great for productivity and will help you grow. Taking the time to plan out your blog posts is one of the best ways to get your thoughts out and started. You can use your calendar app or scheduler.

I would recommend CoSchedule, it integrates into WordPress and shows you the layout of your post. The web app also lets you schedule your social media postings for each blog post. Which is a great help when you are trying to plan out your approach.

Write Everything That Comes to Mind

habits for promising growthJust spit it out! No one will read that first draft, anyway. Stop limiting yourself to writing the perfect post on the first go.

Don’t fix those spelling errors, don’t fix punctuation, and don’t add photos.

The more you focus on getting those thoughts into the post the better off you’ll be when editing.

You can always, and should always, go back over your post several times before pushing the publish button. Doing it while you write will only hinder your creative process.

Be Consistent

Whether you post everyday or once a month, do it systematically. This is the most talked about of all the habits for promising growth. Primarily because it works.

We, as humans, like consistency in out lives. We are creatures of habit and knowing that a blog we read comes out with a post three times per week lets us prepare mentally.

Being consistent with our writing also helps us as writers. Habits are consistent and our growth as writers can only increase if we write.

We can’t expect to be the best blogger with our first post. There are many things we learn along the way and being consistent with our writing give us the opportunities to learn.

Write to And For Your Readers

I talked about this in the post How to Influence People to Read Your Blog. I could bring it up in ever post, but that would get redundant. Our blogs are not about us nor are the for us. Getting into the habit of writing to and for your reader is a must if you want to grow your blog.

This goes along with providing value to your readers. If we are writing valuable content aimed at our readers and what they want to read our blogs will grow. Sounds simple, right? Because once you recognize what your readers are looking for, writing for them gets easy.

If you are just starting out you should make an educated guess at who will read your posts. Think about the age group, the gender, and the culture of your projected readers.

If you have a blog and are getting readers to subscribe to your mailing list it’s much easier. Create an email and ask them a few questions.

Set up a Google Drive Form and send that out. It makes it easy for my readers to reply and easy for you to see the responses in one location. If you’d like a quick walk-through on getting started, please let me know.

When Writing, Block Everything Else Out

habits for promising growth

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I put this one last of the habits for promising growth since it’s the most practical and useful.

You will get much more written, and your thoughts will be much more clear, when you are only focusing on writing.

WordPress has a “Distraction-Free Writing Mode” that can help blog out the rest of the webpage.

Try putting your phone in airplane mode or turning it off. The less things to get your mind off what you are writing the better.

You can listen to vocal free music. This helps tune out the ambient noises around the writing space. Either classical or “Chillstep” are my two go to genres of instrumental music to listen to while writing.

Keep in mind that within every genre you can find vocal free music. Just search on YouTube for “genre + instrumental” and you’ll come up with a bunch. Make a playlist so you don’t have to keep clicking out of your writing to pick a new song.

Check out my “Chill Working Music” playlist for reference.

What are some habits for promising growth that you would add to the list?



    Great post! Having just started out on my own blog last month, I am definitely learning all the ins and outs about being a blogger. I definitely can appreciate doing blog posts systematically. I also think that planning out the posts helps out a ton. I usually have a general idea as to what I want to say, but planning it out helps me say. Great tips here. Thanks!


    I find this information very helpful. I am just starting out with my online business and struggling with writing posts. I will definitely be using your suggestions, especially writing everything that comes to mind. From now on, I will be getting my ideas out, then edit them. I have been editing as I type…I can see how that is a mistake. Great website!

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