How to Find a Niche You Can Be Proud Of – Step 1

The first step in creating a successful website is to find a niche. This may be anything!

The possibilities are endless, to say the least. Make sure you pick a topic that you have a good deal of knowledge about or are very enthusiastic over. This will make is much easier to write blog posts down the road.

Use and SEO keyword tool to look up other sub-niches that you may not have thought of. More narrow is better than being to broad. Once you find a good keyword you can use for your niche and site name. Check Google Adwords Keyword Planner to see if the ad competition is high and pays well. This will take some time so be patient, finding the correct niche keyword can make or break your online income.

Find a Niche You Understand

find a nicheIf you can not see yourself writing, at least, twenty-five posts (shoot for 50) about the niche you are thinking about starting; you should find a niche you know more about. For this site, my niche is helping people to start a blog and giving tips to new bloggers.

Before I started this site, paid for the domain and web hosting, I was confident in my ability to write more than twenty-five posts on the subject. With this niche, I am able to write about all the steps of setting up a website, goals that should be set, and the social network side of marketing online.

A good way to find topics about a particular niche is finding books on a similar subject and seeing what the chapters are about. You can even go to other websites on the topic and see what they are filling their web space with.

Amazon is a good place to look as well; since you don’t have to buy the books before you see what the chapters are about. This works for a lot of books but not all; find a book that has the ‘look inside’ label over the cover photo and sneak a peek at what is inside.

These almost always include the table of contents. Once you have found a good niche that you know you will be able to write plenty of posts and pages for, it is time to find and purchase a domain name!

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Find a Niche

Step 2, The Secret to Finding a Domain Name ➫



    Me again, Jaron. This might be nit-picking (actually, it is), but your introduction might lead to some confusion. In fact, I still get confused! 🙂 Your title says ‘Step 1 of building a website’. (Side note: both ‘building’ and ‘website’ should be capitalized). And in the lead sentence, you tell us ‘The first step in creating a successful blog is finding a niche’. Right off the bat I was confused. There is a difference between a website and a blog, and in this instance, I believe you’re talking about finding a niche for a website. Would I be remiss in suggesting that your lead sentence read instead ‘The first step in creating a successful website is finding a niche’..? It might eliminate the future confusion of people like me who still get their wires crossed. 🙂


      Thank you again Bill! I fixed that up so there should not be any confusion from here on out. Let me know if you notice anything else while you browser around my site.

    Chris June

    I completely agree with you on the concept of choosing a niche that you have an interest in. When I first started out I choose targeted niches that had little or no interest to me ( chicken coops lol ) as I thought the chance of creating cash through them was high. After the first month I absolutely dreaded the prospect of writing articles on the subject and I ended up earning pennies instead of pounds. Great post Jaron,


      You had to learn the hard way Chris but at least now you know and can focus on something you love and enjoy writing about! Please stop back again 😀

    Johnathon Gradwohl

    However for the purposes of this post, we’re solely going to focus on affiliate marketing. What’s that you might be wondering?

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