Facebook : The Leader of Social Networking

Facebook has long been the leader in social network and as of the time I am writing, still is the leader.

I view every social network differently. Google+ is a place I learn new things and meet new people. Twitter is my internet ‘soapbox’, and Facebook is the place I connect with friends and family.

Even though the main purpose of Facebook is to connect with friends and family it is a very powerful tool for bringing people into our websites.

Facebook Pages

These are places for us to set up a ‘profile’ for our online business or company.

This lets us connect with people as our website instead of having them all come to our personal profiles, which are meant for family and friends.

In order for people to see our posts as this page they have to ‘like’ the page. This is done by clicking the ‘like’ button somewhere on the page; it tends to change every so often.

Most of the time people will come to our pages and leave without clicking the button. This will cause them to not see any posts we make as the page in their news feed.

There are strategies to increasing this conversion rate. One is, leveraging the tab options to get people to click your ‘like’ button. We will be getting into this much deeper in the future.

Facebook Ads


Facebook Ad Examples

Another great thing that Facebook offers for our online business is the opportunity to advertise on their site.

This type of advertising is super targeted and tends to yield better results than other advertising platforms.

I have been running a few ‘cheap’ test runs of about $50. These target my niche and aim to get more ‘likes’ to my Page.

Here are my campaign summaries:

If you have any questions please ask me in the comment section.

Also, if you have any experience with Facebook ads please let us know what has worked for you and what has not in the past.

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