What Everyone Needs To Know About Creating Posts – Step 8

Creating posts with WordPress is easy, and a very effective way to update your website with new content on a semi-daily basis.

This allows us to use the categories we set up in the last lesson by selecting the appropriate place for the post.

This is done on the right side of the screen and is the third box from the top.

Make sure you uncheck “uncategorized” and select the category that best fits the post you are working on.

If none of them are a good fit you are able to create a new category directly from this box.

Simply click the link that says “+ Add New Category” and fill out the relevant information. You may even create a subcategory from this link if needed.

Creating Posts that are Engaging

This is a big part of making content on your website.

If it is not engaging to your readers or yourself then no one is going to return to hear more of what you have to say.Creating Posts with Awesome Content

It does not matter how helpful your site may be, it still need to grab their attention and hold it.

This is done by creating awesome content within your posts.

Don’t worry, when I started blogging over 10 years ago I thought to myself, ‘Is anyone really going to read this?’.

It turns out yes, someone is going to be reading it! But there is a catch.

Creating Posts for Someone, not Everyone

We need to write to someone but not to everyone. Another blogger I know puts it this way; “if your write for everyone, you will write for no one”.

Don’t try to please everyone who may come to your site.

Write content that you find to be awesome. If you read your posts and say, ‘wow that is good, I’d come back to this site’, then you are writing awesome content.

I wrote a short post over at Wealthy Affiliate with this same vibe.

Read my WA ‘Content is king’ post

If you have any questions please ask me, I am here to help you make the most of your website and find the traffic that is meant to see your creation.

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