8 Unusual Social Media Marketing Tips to Boost Your Presence

Today, businesses are improving their approach to Social Media Marketing. Even those who were resisting them for a brief period are now attracted to the fantastic benefits that can be had. Social media marketing helps you to grow your business, build trust and is now a Google SEO ranking factor.

But, if you are spending to advertise online, how can you get the biggest return for your advertising dollar? Continue reading 8 Unusual Social Media Marketing Tips to Boost Your Presence

How To Gain Followers on Social Networks

Learning how to gain followers on any social network is a big part of growing our niche blog. This leads to reaching out and letting people know what is new on our website.

Without people following us on Facebook, Twitter, Google+,  or any other network, it seems pointless to post. However, this is not true and there is more value in an email list.

But we still can benefit from having a good size social following. The hard part is getting those followers that want to see our answers, site updates, and tips.

Gain Followers on Twitter

The best way to gain a following on Twitter is by following other accounts that are relevant to our niche. If we have a site about the newest technology we would want to follow accounts like ‘Google’, ‘TechCrunch’, and ‘Apple’.

Look at the people who are following these big name accounts and follow them.

TIP: Before you follow anyone that is following a specific account make sure to ‘tweet’ at that big name account. This will help raise the number of people who follow you back.

Gain Followers on Facebook

facebook logoSince we are most likely using a Facebook page and not our personal accounts, the best way to gain followers on Facebook is to use targeted ads.

Yes, this does cost money so in the mean time make sure the page looks good and has a lot of content for potential visitors.

Create an ad that is targeted towards the people who are interested in our niche. Make sure we set the goal of the campaign to gaining more ‘likes’ on our Facebook page.

TIP: The best way to convert clicks on our ad into page ‘likes’ is with a landing page. Check out my blog post on Wealthy Affiliate to see how well this worked for me.

~See how effective the landing page was for my campaign~

Gain Followers on Tumblr

This is a very visual network. Posting videos and pictures will yield the best results in gaining a following.

By searching relevant topics within our niche on this site, we will be shown accounts that have similar interests as our site. Follow these people to start gaining a social presence.

TIP: Don’t feel bad about unfollowing a user. Our account reputation is much more important than losing a one follower on the network.

Gain Followers on Google+

Gain Followers on google plusThe best way to gain followers on Google+ is to add people and accounts to our circles, as long as they are relevant to the topic of the niche site.

Another great way is by joining the communities within Google+. These are similar to forums, and anyone that is apart of the community is able to comment and add posts.

Get to know the people there, help them, and answer their questions. This will give you more authority and trust within the community.

TIP: Using a page is best for promoting our website, this allows us to keep our private stuff private and all our internet marketing stuff in one place on Google+. But don’t hesitate to share the posts from that page with your personal circles.

General Guideline to Gain Followers

Be genuine. Show the person you care about helping them solve the problem they are having within your nice. An approach I found to work well is as follows. First I search a hashtag or word that relates to my niche.

After this I skim around to find a person who could use some help. I then reply to that person telling them that I get where they are coming from and have a solution to their problem. But! Don’t give them a link right away.

We don’t want to come off as spammy or fishing for links, because we are not. We are looking to gain a true following. If the user responds that yes they do want help. Then and only then will I send them a link to my site with the information that will help them.

No only does this show another person the value in their site but also builds trust. All the tools in the world can not make up for a loyal follower that comes from us providing help to those who need it.

Shortening URLs For Easier Sharing ➫

What is your best story of helping someone online that lead to a loyal follower of your content?

twitter logo

Twitter : The Short Text Internet Soapbox

Twitter is unlike Facebook and Google+ because of how it has been set up.

This social network is known as a microblog.

Which means that the users of this network are limited in the number of characters they may use.

In a status update on Google+ and Facebook, the users are able to type a post with as many characters as they want.

There is no limit on what they can say.

The Shortness of Twitter

On Twitter, the users are only able to use 140 characters to say what they want to get across.

Characters are not only letters, but spaces, numbers, and symbols. This makes the people on Twitter think about what they want to say and how to convey the message in a short amount of space.


Twitter also allows us to promote our posts as a business to gain more eyes on our post. Hopefully attracting new followers to our profile, in order to see more of what we have to offer.

Twitter PostsWith Twitter being the third largest social network it is important that we use the site to our full advantage.

Not every new page is going to have the option of promoting posts and advertising on the network right away.

Over time, they will email you about setting up a promoted post.


We are also able to add links, videos, and photos to our posts on twitter. This is when shortening the URL comes in handy.

Photos that are uploaded directly are not part of the character limit. So make sure you directly upload them to the network, and not simply link them from another. Characters are valuable within the posts.

Video’s on YouTube have to be linked, so use your favorite shortener to add those. At this time, I am not sure if you are able to upload videos directly to Twitter because these sites are always updating and it may have changed.

If you have a question about Twitter please ask me in the comment section of this post and I will be happy to help you.

Google+, The Sleeper Network –>

Facebook : The Leader of Social Networking

Facebook has long been the leader in social network and as of the time I am writing, still is the leader.

I view every social network differently. Google+ is a place I learn new things and meet new people. Twitter is my internet ‘soapbox’, and Facebook is the place I connect with friends and family.

Even though the main purpose of Facebook is to connect with friends and family it is a very powerful tool for bringing people into our websites.

Facebook Pages

These are places for us to set up a ‘profile’ for our online business or company.

This lets us connect with people as our website instead of having them all come to our personal profiles, which are meant for family and friends.

In order for people to see our posts as this page they have to ‘like’ the page. This is done by clicking the ‘like’ button somewhere on the page; it tends to change every so often.

Most of the time people will come to our pages and leave without clicking the button. This will cause them to not see any posts we make as the page in their news feed.

There are strategies to increasing this conversion rate. One is, leveraging the tab options to get people to click your ‘like’ button. We will be getting into this much deeper in the future.

Facebook Ads


Facebook Ad Examples

Another great thing that Facebook offers for our online business is the opportunity to advertise on their site.

This type of advertising is super targeted and tends to yield better results than other advertising platforms.

I have been running a few ‘cheap’ test runs of about $50. These target my niche and aim to get more ‘likes’ to my Page.

Here are my campaign summaries:

If you have any questions please ask me in the comment section.

Also, if you have any experience with Facebook ads please let us know what has worked for you and what has not in the past.

Twitter, Your Virtual Soapbox –>

Spam, What Is It?

Spam on the internet is when someone or some computer sends unsolicited advertisements or messages in bulk. This may be through email or social networks.

History of spam

The first spam message was sent back in 1978, by a man named Gary Thuerk. He wrote a mass email to 393 people in bulk, about a new program.

Needless to say many people reacted negatively towards this. At the time the word spam was not even used to reference this kind of activity.

The first chain letter was released in 1988 directing people on how to ‘make money fast’, very few people made fast money.

The first major commercialized spam took place in the beginning of March 1994 by a husband and wife team of lawyers. Their bulk advertisements were focused on immigration laws and quickly became coined as ‘green card spam’.

What counts as spam?

What counts as spam can be pretty subjective but we will make some good rules of thumb to make sure you are not caught in the act so spamming.

  • Don’t post the same message, article, or affiliate program more than once a week on a single network.
  • Don’t make several posts to affiliate offers or websites within a short amount of time on a social network.
  • Don’t message someone over and over to get their attention.
  • Don’t mass email. To be safe this is anything over 50 and most of the time keep the multi-person emails under 10 people at a time.

Questions about spam?

If you are unsure if an action you are about to take will be considered spamming a social network or email, hold off and ask someone.

You are more then welcome to ask me here, by email, or leaving a comment in the section of this page.

If you have any good advice about spam and how to avoid committing it please let us know as well in the comment section.

Gain Followers on google plus

Google Plus : Google’s Social Network

Google Plus is relatively new compared to Facebook or Twitter, but that does not mean that it will not benefit our site’s reach.

Google Plus is actually the second largest social network with registered users, second only to Facebook.

Google Plus Terms

Not every social network uses the same terminology when referring to certain parts of their site. When adding people in Google Plus we us circles. We are allowed to have as many circles as we wish and we may have a person in more than one circle.

The section of Google Plus that has all the posts from the people we have circled is called the feed. This section becomes more and more active as we circle more people and organizations.

There are hashtags. These allow us to categorize our posts for anyone to search for them. To use this feature all we have to do is think of a category that our post fits within and add a ‘#’ to the beginning of the word. It will look something like #WealthyAffiliate or #caturday.

(When you get on Google Plus, and if you love cats, look up the caturday hashtag; it is glorious.)

Sections of Google Plus


Google Plus Communities

Example of a community.

This is a really awesome part of Google Plus.

A community is a group where anyone in that group can post stories, blogs, photos, and videos of whatever that community is about.

If we join a community about dogs there will be thousands of people in that community that love dogs just as much, if not more, than we do.

These really help get the word out about your site. Find a community that fits your niche, or is your niche, and start making some great new contacts.


There is an entire section for your photos. Anytime you upload one, it will be stored with the rest in one easy to reach place.

What’s hot

This is the top posts on Google Plus at this time and changes from day to day. It is a great way to find people to add to your circles who enjoy the same things as you. Or just have some awesome posts that you would like to know more about.

If you have a question on how to do something in Google Plus please let me know. I love Google Plus and spend a lot of time there, so comment your questions and I will answer it as soon as possible.

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twitter logo

Social Networks : Why Bother?

Social Networks are very important in today’s Internet Marketing; it gives us a way to update our readers and gives them more ways to engage with our content.

RSS vs. Social Networks

RSS was very popular before the ‘invention’ of social networks; this gave people and easy way to see all their web content in one spot.

These days most of our readers will not use RSS to stay up to date on the release of new content, but they almost always are a part of a Social Network.google plus

We need to make sure that we have more than one; for starters Facebook is a must since they have the most users on their website, followed by Google+, and then Twitter.

These are the big three when it comes to networking with our audience and should be used to the fullest. I will get into the depths of every major network in the coming posts.

Creating Social Network Pages

Within Facebook and Google+, they have a special place for our sites and businesses; they are known as ‘pages’ and can be created within our user accounts.

If you do not have Facebook or Google+ you will need to create a personal account first before we move on to creating pages within these networks.facebook

The pages for our site will be a place where our readers can comment, message us, and get updates on their ‘walls’ and feeds when we publish new content.

This is very effective in grabbing traffic to our site since the posts do not show the entirety of our work but only a snippet, and, in turn directing them to our website where they will see our content and have the option to see more of our hard work.

Twitter is a different Social Network

As for Twitter, we can simply set up an account for our site or business; this platform give us 140 characters to work within to move traffic to our site. So this will cause us to be selective with our wording, but don’t worry there are many ways to say what needs to be said.

Go set up your user accounts for Facebook and Google+ and we can move on to the next lesson of social networking.If you already have an account on those two networks you are one step ahead of the game!

If you have any questions about social networks please let me know and I will be glad to help you out. Also, If you have any advice on driving traffic to a site via a social network please share it with us!

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