What Everybody Ought to Know About WordPress Plugins – Step 5

Plugins are a great way to add extra support to your WordPress site.

Installing WordPress Plugins

Let’s start with a ‘captcha’ plugin to help limit the amount of comment spam on your site. This will get you used to installing plugins as well as give you a good first plugin.

Let’s go to our WordPress dashboard; there is a menu item on the left that says ‘plugins’.

WordPress Plugins

Plugins Menu

After you click the plugins menu item it will take you to the plugins you already have installed; whether activated or not.

Near the top of the page there is a button that says “Add New”; click this button.

The next page that you are brought to is a search page for plugins. We can use the search box to find a plugin or we can also upload one that we have downloaded from wordpress.org.

Let’s search for “Si Captcha’; the first result is the one we want to install.

To install this plugin simply click the link under the title that says “Install Now”; you may get a box to pop up asking if it is ok to install the plugin, click ‘ok’.

Now that we told WordPress that it is ok to install this plugin we are brought to the next page in the process.

Click the link beneath the text that says “activate plugin”.

There we have it! The plugin is now installed, activated, and ready to be used.

So let’s talk about some other plugins that would be good to use.

Good WordPress Plugins for Starters

WordPress Plugins 3

A captcha example

Si Captcha – Helps keep spam down so we don’t have to worry as much about whether a comment is a real person or not.

Akismet – This one is already installed and just needs to be activated and registered. This also helps keep down any spam that may get through your captcha.

WordPress SEO by YoastWealthy Affiliate uses a different SEO plugin; feel free to use that one if you are going through their training. I like WordPress SEO and have been using it for a while which is why I choose to use this one over the other.

Pretty Link – This allows you to shorten the long URLs and any that are not based at your site to a shorter one with your domain at the start.

My favorite WordPress plugins are outlined here.

If you have any questions about a plugin or have any good plugin ideas please let us know! We will be happy to answer any questions you have.

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How To Add WordPress To Supercharge Your Blog – Step 4

We now have a place to put our website!

One of the best way to manage a website is with a system called “WordPress”. This is what we will be working with throughout my tutorials and lessons. Creating content is a big part of having a successful website. The more you add fresh content the better your chances of ranking in Google.

NameCheap has a service to easily install WordPress. If you bought your hosting with them the best way is to go to their walk through on installing WordPress. There is no reason for me to retype what they already to a great job at.

Once you have WordPress installed skip to step 5.

We will be going through the manual process here just in case a host someone may be using does not have an option like that.

Finding the FTP Information

First we need to find the sites FTP information. This stands for “File Transfer Protocol” and allows us to connect directly to the server with a client program.

There are many different FTP Clients to use so find one you like and works best with your computer. I like to use Filezilla (it’s free) and is what I have the most experience with.

What we are looking for a few pieces of information:

IP Address – This will look something like or it could also look like ‘ftp.yoursite.com’. Make sure you write this down so you can enter it into your FTP Client. If they give you a port number be sure to write this down as well.

Username – This could be almost anything; if you have found the FTP IP Address it will be in the same group of information; make sure you write this down as well.

Password – Again this will be in the same area as the other two and you should be able to change it to make it easier for you to remember.

Adding WordPress Server Icon

Now once you have all this information written down it is time to open up the FTP Client that you have chosen to use. Keep in mind, they may have also sent you an email with all the FTP information; if you can’t find it check your inbox.

If you are using Filezilla, open the program and click the server icon in the upper left-hand corner of the window.

Click the button towards the bottom that says “New Site”; this will give you the spaces to add your information.

Adding WordPress

Top left of group

Add all the information given to you by your host into the correct boxes and click ‘ok’.

Click the server icon again and click the site you just added; now click ‘Connect’, this will now allow you to see the files on your server.

Adding WordPress to your site

Now that we are able to connect let,s go get the WordPress file; it is located at http://wordpress.org/download/.

There is a good bit of information on the WordPress website that I could not write any better if I tried.

Once you have the file downloaded head on over to http://codex.wordpress.org/Installing_WordPress and follow their step by step instructions.

They made the platform so what better way than getting the instructions straight from them!

If you have any questions about the steps we covered here please ask them in the comments below. Thanks again!

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How To Get Hosted and Control Your Blog – Step 3

Now that you have a domain name in mind it is time to purchase web hosting. This is the “expensive” part of owning a website because you actually have to take up space on a company’s server and use their bandwidth. These days we are able to find some good prices on web hosting; let,s look at geek-domains.com as our example.

Buy Web Hosting: Plans

There are almost always different tiers when it comes to buying web space. Most of the time, the longer you purchase the space the less it will cost at a month to month basis. Please use the link to NameCheap below; I’ll get a small kickback at no extra cost to you. I chose NameCheap due to their great support and very low cost for the first year of hosting.

NameCheap.com Value Plan:

What they offer:

  • 20GB SSD Disk Spacenamecheap
  • Easy WordPress setup
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Host up to 3 sites
  • Daily Backups
  • 50 Sub-domains
  • Up to 50 FTP Users
  • Up to 50 email accounts
  • Up to 50 Databases
  • 24/7 Live Support
  • E-Commerce
  • 14 day money back guarantee

This will cost you about $9.88 for the first year then $38.88 every year after that. This is great for us since we are just starting out. Low barrier to entry! If you would like to have more space or more sites there are several other shared Hosting Packages.

I have used the Value hosting plan for several websites and have always had the best results. There is really more there than you will even need to start, and most likely ever, in your blogging career.

Since your site will be mostly words and photos the unlimited amount of space is a bit overkill but worth it in the case of expanding your site. Unlimited data transfer is a must; you don’t want your visitors to be pushed out or unable to access your site due to overcrowding. Databases are needed to store WordPress information and this is all included in their 1-Click WordPress setup.

If you are not using NameCheap.com to purchase your domain and web hosting make sure you read what each package offers. Don’t get caught up in the details too much; just make sure that you, at least, get unlimited bandwidth and a 20 Gigabytes of storage to host your site.

For free hosting, join Wealthy Affiliate, it’s good to get your feet wet and try out blogging. I do recommend self hosting so you have complete control.

As always, please ask any questions in the comments. I will answer every question as soon as I am able.

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The Secret Of Purchasing a Domain – Step 2

You have found a niche that you would like to focus your website around, and are ready to buy a domain.

Purchasing a Domain, Finding the Right One

This part can be both fun and frustrating; finding a good domain name is very exciting (at least for me) but a lot of the time the ones you want are already taken and that can be very frustrating.

Take your time and write down a few domains you would like to use.

Let’s use a site whose niche is about ‘banking reviews’ (for lack of a better subject).

Some domain choices they may want to use could be:

‘bankreviews.com’, ‘bankreviewsonline.com’, ‘bankingreviews.com’, and ‘onlinebankingreviews.com’ to name a few.

Keep in mind that there are a lot of other options instead of ‘.com’; so if you really like a domain name but the ‘.com’ is taken try looking for ‘.net’ or ‘.us’; there are a lot of options for the tail end of your domain.

Purchasing a Domain, Where to Buy?

Purchase a Domain 01

Originally from authormedia.com

There are so many options when it comes to a company to buy the domain through. I like to use NameCheap.com; they have some of the cheapest options on the internet and have a great number of resources. They also have great incentives, offer a free domain name with the purchase of web hosting, and often give a discount at checkout.

But do some research; if you are on a tighter budget you may be able to find a site the offers them cheaper than the one mentioned above. Be careful, though, you don’t want to be stuck with a host of poor quality and bad support.

I would stay away from the big name companies like GoDaddy; they tend to cost more and often tack on other charges for items you may not want or need. Their hosting almost always tends to be more expensive as well, but we will get into that more in the next lesson.

Purchasing a Domain, What is Next?

Ok, now that you have your domain you happy with and are ready to check out; what is next? Most sites that offer domain purchases also let you host the domains with them on their servers. If this is the case hold on and continue with the next lesson now.

If the site you are buying the domain from is not offering you the option to purchase hosting, you may still go ahead and buy the domain; or you can back out and go to go NameCheap; you can get the same domain with them, and they also offer cheap hosting and great hosting.

Please leave a comment below if you have any questions or have some advice for our readers; thanks!

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How to Find a Niche You Can Be Proud Of – Step 1

The first step in creating a successful website is to find a niche. This may be anything!

The possibilities are endless, to say the least. Make sure you pick a topic that you have a good deal of knowledge about or are very enthusiastic over. This will make is much easier to write blog posts down the road.

Use and SEO keyword tool to look up other sub-niches that you may not have thought of. More narrow is better than being to broad. Once you find a good keyword you can use for your niche and site name. Check Google Adwords Keyword Planner to see if the ad competition is high and pays well. This will take some time so be patient, finding the correct niche keyword can make or break your online income.

Find a Niche You Understand

find a nicheIf you can not see yourself writing, at least, twenty-five posts (shoot for 50) about the niche you are thinking about starting; you should find a niche you know more about. For this site, my niche is helping people to start a blog and giving tips to new bloggers.

Before I started this site, paid for the domain and web hosting, I was confident in my ability to write more than twenty-five posts on the subject. With this niche, I am able to write about all the steps of setting up a website, goals that should be set, and the social network side of marketing online.

A good way to find topics about a particular niche is finding books on a similar subject and seeing what the chapters are about. You can even go to other websites on the topic and see what they are filling their web space with.

Amazon is a good place to look as well; since you don’t have to buy the books before you see what the chapters are about. This works for a lot of books but not all; find a book that has the ‘look inside’ label over the cover photo and sneak a peek at what is inside.

These almost always include the table of contents. Once you have found a good niche that you know you will be able to write plenty of posts and pages for, it is time to find and purchase a domain name!

Free Niche Video Training from Wealthy Affiliate

Find a Niche

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Wealthy Affiliate, You’ll Regret Not Joining in 2017

Wealthy Affiliate in 2017 is the best platform to learn affiliate marketing. You get connected with people who have been affiliate marketing successfully for years.

There are paid and free versions so you have no reason not to grab a free account and give a test run. Best part is, the free account is not a trial and will never run out!

This is the only online community I recommend. I have been a part of Wealthy Affiliate since 2013 and could not be happier. Meeting other bloggers, giving and getting feedback, and learning from others is a big part of success online.

The information is broken into four main steps. You will walk through these four steps in a way that everyone with the ability to get online can follow. No prior knowledge is needed to start. Which is why this platform so great for learning how to grow your blog.

Continue reading Wealthy Affiliate, You’ll Regret Not Joining in 2017

4 Proven Techniques to Better Blogging

The Beginning of Better Blogging

I have been blogging for years now and I know how frustrating it gets when it feels like no one is reading your posts. So for the past 8 years I’ve been honing my skills at better blogging.

This is very common in the beginning of a blogger’s life and to be honest I still feel that way sometimes now. It all started for me in the third grade. I was so intrigued by the internet and fell instantly in love.

So what did I do?

I created my first website; I wish it was still around today to show you. It was plastered with ‘Pokemon’ and was very 1990’s when it comes to internet appearance.

My First Blog

Better Blogging TechniquesI started blogging in the early 2000’s on a platform known as xanga, it’s different now and they actually use WordPress (I’ll get into WordPress later). This was a very coarse blog and was more of an online diary then any formal blogging you see from me today.

I then later moved to host a blog on blogger; this was focused on news and I funneling it to my social networks at the time (mostly Myspace and Facebook). That may have lasted a good six months to a year before I chose to start self hosting and ‘coding’ my own blog.

I don’t recommend this due to the load of work that is needed to research a topic, code the page, and write the post every time you want to blog. Finally in 2010 I ended up on WordPress and have been here ever since.

Ok, now for the goods.

Better Blogging Tip #1


If you have not yet started a blog and would like to; do your self a favor and pick a good CMS (Content Management System). Blogger works well but I just prefer WordPress over it (I started writing for a free blogger site a few months ago, I just can’t get into the set up).

If you give yourself a good comfortable background to start with it will allow you to be able to focus on your content. If you decide to choose WordPress please feel free to ask me questions about anything; I will be more than happy to help.

Better Blogging Tip #2

Content is king!

If you have read other sites you probably heard this and I would not be saying it if it was not true. Focus on your content, make it accurate, and make it awesome. This will lead to people sticking around your site and even adding it to their RSS feed.

When writing your content make sure you would want to read it; if you think it is boring then so will the people you want reading your blog. Don’t try to please everyone; I can say this from experience that once you do try, you will please no one.

On of my favorite quotes about blogging is as follows; ‘if you write for everyone, you write for no one’.

Better Blogging Tip #3


niche-blogYeah, this is where I probably shot myself in the foot over the years. I like freedom to write about anything I find interesting and that makes it hard to have a niche blog.

However, having a niche blog will increase your chances of getting higher traffic and more returning visitors. I’m not saying that blogging about anything you find interesting won’t get you followers, it just makes it much harder to do so.

Better Blogging Tip #4

Have fun.

If you are not enjoying the work it takes to write an awesome blog then stop; find something that will make you happy and force you to have fun. If you are not enjoying what you are doing in your free time (yes blogging is a free time thing, especially when starting out) then change what you are doing with your free time.

There is no use wasting you free time on something you hate or makes you cringe. Go enjoy your life because as long as it may seem, it is super short and not many people get to experience life to the fullest.

Social networking and why it is a must to gain traffic –>

If you have any questions please comment them below! Also if you have any extra advice on how to achieve ‘Better Blogging’, share it with us!