How to Influence People to Read Your Blog

How to influence people to read your blog is easier than it may sound. Are you looking for more blog readers? Not sure how to get them to stick around that awesome post you wrote about frog legs? The following principles came from my daily reading (the book title is at the end).

As I was reading the book, I knew these principles are important to every blogger trying to make a name. I have been using these in my writing for some time but never shared (shame on me). Once I started implementing these ideals into my writing. The blog saw better reaction and more traffic. Continue reading How to Influence People to Read Your Blog

CoSchedule Review: The Most Stunning Scheduler

This is not an overstatement.

CoSchedule is the best blog scheduler you’ll ever use. This is my review of the web app.

I have been using it for about a week now and it has not only saved me a ton of time. But it has also given me the visual overview of when my blog posts are going out. As well as, what is being posted within my social media accounts.

Saving me a bunch of time promoting the posts you may have seen over the past week. Not only that, but it has also given me the ability to plan out my posting. I tend to get a lot of ideas over the course of the week before my next release. This lets me take my writing that I have written ahead of time and tell WordPress when to publish it.

I currently have a few posts written, edited, and scheduled. I don’t have to worry about sending updates to social media or pressing the publish button. It’s liberating and truly is the most stunning scheduler! Continue reading CoSchedule Review: The Most Stunning Scheduler

Are MLMs Actually Promising Businesses or Greedy Schemes?

What is an MLM?

MLM stands for Multi-Level Marketing and it works as follows.

Someone starts a company and needs a way to promote that business. The owner can spend lots of money getting celebrity endorsements and prime time commercial spots or they can set up an MLM.

So they choose to market their business with an MLM strategy and they send out the idea to a bunch of people who would be interested in their business. Those people get invite codes to bring in more people.

You get invited to be apart of an MLM, you also get an invite code and are able to recruit more people. Every person you recruit helps your chances of making more money than before.

This is due to a ladder effect when it comes to sales; for every sale you generate you may get 40% of the profit. If one of your recruits makes a sale you may be 10% of that profit, and 5% of their recruits, and so one until the percentage is too small to calculate.

Continue reading Are MLMs Actually Promising Businesses or Greedy Schemes?

Introducing Backlinks and How To Use Them

Backlinks are basically links to your site that are on another website.

Lets say you own and run site ‘X’, and there is another site ‘Y’ that has a similar topic or niche as your own.

The owner of site ‘Y’ may come to your site, love the content and feel it will benefit his or her audience. So they place a link on their main page, or another page within that website.

Back-linking also happens when you comment on a website and leave your web address there for other commentators to see. Most of the time the comment section of a site is ‘no follow’, so no page-rank will flow to your site.

However this has the potential to bring in new readers and convert them into followers of your own content. That is back-linking in a nutshell, but things can get a little messy with Google in some cases.

Bad Backlinks

There are several ways that are considered misuse on Google’s terms when it comes to backlinks.

Paying for backlinksPaying for Backlinks

This is one of the ways to get on Google’s bad side. They may not catch on for the first few backlinks but after a while it will catch up with you.

Make sure you stay clear of buying backlinks, they are unnatural and will only case grief in the long run.

Backlinks without context

Just commenting on any blog or website to add your URL is not a good strategy for back-linking. Chances are no one will follow to your site and in the rare instance they do, they probably won’t stick around or return.

Never copy and past a blanket statement with your URL in the comment. People catch on and will either delete the comment or send a report to Google stating your website is spamming. Once you get flagged as a spammer it is an uphill battle for a very long time.

What is SEO? –>

If you have a question about backlinks and how to use them please let me know in the comment section. Thanks for reading.