How to Optimize Images to Their Peak Potential

It is important to optimize images that you place in your blog. This included any images in line with your blog text, the WordPress “featured image”, as well as logos and header images.

We can do this manually, and I will be explaining the best practices for you to understand what we’re are trying to achieve. Then I’ll be giving you plugins that will help simplify this task in an automated way. Continue reading How to Optimize Images to Their Peak Potential

SumoMe Review: Do You Want an Easy to Use Plugin?

Are you looking for an easy to use plugin with many uses? One that can cover all your bases? SumoMe by AppSumo has this ability.

It’s one plugin, but the gold is in the apps that are installed within the plugin. Everything from share buttons, to email opt-in forms, to promotion of your blog posts. This is just scraping the iceberg of apps that can be added to your site.

I have not used every app they offer but I will cover the ones I have used during this review of sumome. Let’s get started.

sumome reviewOverall Ranking: 90/100

Price: $0 – $100/month
Owner: AppSumo

As mentioned, this plugin has so many options, I cannot cover them all for you in this post. I have not used them all and it would be a disservice to you if I tried to talk through each one.

So instead I will focus first on the ones I use and then I’ll touch on the apps I used in the past.

Pros & Cons


Many apps

Beautiful share icons and email opt-ins

Exit intent email opt-in pop-ups


Free plans are limited in what they provide

Full price is high for all the apps

May slow down your site.

SumoMe Apps I Use

sumome reviewList Builder

This is the only other app I am using at the time of writing. I use this as my last ditch effort to get an email address.

Yes, it’s a pop up but I use it with exit intent. In the settings of the app you can set all kinds of options but the best is the ‘smart’ option. This will monitor the visitor and when they go to leave the page, the pop-up will show and grab their attention.

Pop-ups are annoying but if the person is leaving never to return why not try to grab their attention and turn them into readers?

I also have it set to not show for anyone who signed up with the plugin in the past. I have set the app to show only once every three months for anyone whoƒ has not signed up for my email newsletter with SumoMe. This makes sure it will not annoy your readers every time they come to your site.


This is one I have had since day one. Share is just that. It gives your readers the ability to share you post on social networks. There are other single plugins that achieve this but not in the way SumoMe does. The design is great, the float animation is gentle, and it converts well to mobile devices.

The app give you choices for all the top social networks including Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. They also give the ability to add an email share button along with many other social networks you may have never heard of before. You can tell the app to even order the buttons by total shares, it’s pretty cool.

I love that this app tracks the number of clicks on these social buttons, you can see what social network is getting the most shares, what days were your best, and you all time total shares. This is useful information that can help you find what network deserves the majority of your attention.

SumoMe Apps I’ve Used in The Past

sumome reviewDiscover App

Discover is kind of like an ad network you can join for free. You add the code to posts and pages and SumoMe will place ads for other blog posts within a niche in that section of your post.

If you are doing this it is easier in the long run to add it to the HTML of your WordPress theme. But be careful not to break anything!

Every time a person clicks on one of these ads you get a credit that is then used to promote your posts or pages on other sites with the Discover app installed. It’s an easy way to get extra eyes on you website if you feel the space does not take away anything from your readers.

Welcome Mat

This app gives great conversion rates on your email opt-ins. It doubles every other option I was using until recently. The only reason I am not using it at the moment is for some testing of other formats and a landing page I built.

If you don’t have the HTML and CSS knowledge required to build a landing page and need something cheap to start this app will work wonders. In come cases it was tripling other opt-in locations.

The welcome mat will be the first thing your visitor will see when they come to your page. This is not a landing page on the free version since it drops from the top. Yes, people may think it’s annoying but i have never got a complaint from a single reader. They either opt-in or don’t.

Scroll Box

Another email opt-in form. This one slides in from the side and can be set to only trigger when someone is a certain way down the page. I found it more effective than the exit intent pop-up but does not come close to beating the welcome mat.

I would not use all three opt-in apps at the same time. Running to many apps will slow your site down and I have found that having to many opt-in pop ups and slide outs does not mean higher conversion.  Run tests and find which two convert best for your blog and keep those.

sumome reviewHeat Maps

This is a great app to get an idea of where people are clicking on your site. I don’t recommend running it all the time and only use it when you want to know what your visitors are doing once they get on your site.

Heat maps are not unique to SumoMe but they make them easy to carry out. When you run one I recommend running it on your most visited page.

This is going to most likely be your home page. Run it until you get 100-500 clicks depending on your traffic. This will give you a good idea of what people think should be clickable. And, where they are going the most after landing on your home page.

This only works if they are clicking to another page or a link you have on your site. Closing the browser window or tab cannot be tracked with a heat map. But that information can be found through Google Analytics.

SumoMe Wrap Up

As you can see by now SumoMe is not the average plugin. It does not just allow for one feature to be used on you WordPress site but multiple. I recommend using the Share app at least.

This will give a nice professional look to your share buttons. I also would encourage you to pick one of the email opt-in apps and collect emails.

If you already collect emails compare these apps to the conversion rate of what you already use. You may be surprised to find a better result. As for the rest of the apps find what works for you without giving your site a poor load speed.

I am using two apps and I get the ratting of “A” for Google Page Speed and Yslow. Having a great plugin is useless if people can’t load your site.

Boost From Zero To Three Hundred Unique Readers a Day

I am honored to interview Chris of Charger Outdoors. He and his partner took their blog from brand new, zero readers, to 300+ visitors per day in Charger Outdoors’ first month!

He has great insight into what makes a blog grow. As a new blogger he gives a unique perspective and shows what matters when starting out.

This interview is sprinkled with many gems. That I’ve even gleaned valuable information from my interview with Chris. Even if you are not a new blogger you will find huge benefit in reading his answers.

The questions that follow came from a few consistent readers of this blog to achieve the greatest effect. These readers are new bloggers, just getting started like many of you reading this. I know the answers that Chris gave will be beneficial to everyone. Continue reading Boost From Zero To Three Hundred Unique Readers a Day

An Honest Platform University Review

Platform University has been picking up steam, so I joined and wrote you a review. This membership may not be what you are looking for and that’s fine. Take my experience and conclude if it is best community for building your blog’s brand.

This community offers a lot of great information for any new blogger or someone looking to take their casual blog and take it to the next level. With plenty of videos, how-tos, and downloads. You are bound to find something you will learn within Platform University.

I love what Michael Hyatt does on his blog and always find myself listening to his YouTube videos while I tweak my site. He knows what he’s talking about and his insight is worth your free time.
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CoSchedule Review: The Most Stunning Scheduler

This is not an overstatement.

CoSchedule is the best blog scheduler you’ll ever use. This is my review of the web app.

I have been using it for about a week now and it has not only saved me a ton of time. But it has also given me the visual overview of when my blog posts are going out. As well as, what is being posted within my social media accounts.

Saving me a bunch of time promoting the posts you may have seen over the past week. Not only that, but it has also given me the ability to plan out my posting. I tend to get a lot of ideas over the course of the week before my next release. This lets me take my writing that I have written ahead of time and tell WordPress when to publish it.

I currently have a few posts written, edited, and scheduled. I don’t have to worry about sending updates to social media or pressing the publish button. It’s liberating and truly is the most stunning scheduler! Continue reading CoSchedule Review: The Most Stunning Scheduler