How To Breakthrough With Better SEO Knowledge

Understanding how to breakthrough with better SEO knowledge while you construct that top notch blog post is very important. Luckily, there is an SEO WordPress plugin that gives you a great checklist to follow once you finish writing. I don’t recommend going through the checklist until you are finished. Otherwise, you could lose focus and the flow of your creativity.

I have spent days, weeks, and months gaining better SEO knowledge from books, videos, and prominent SEO blogs. But, most writers don’t have the time or desire to learn all of the ins and outs. This is understandable. We all have a limited amount of time especially when starting your blog and still have to hold down that full-time job you are working to escape.

Luckily, there is a plugin. Whether you have spent the time learning all about SEO or just need a checklist. The plugin below is an essential tool too keeping your posts search engine friendly. This, in turn, will help increase your exposure and gain more traffic.

The plugin is called Yoast SEO and is basically the standard in the blogging world. There are some other plugins that do basically the same thing but Yoast SEO knocks it out of the park. I will be focusing on the list that this plugin provides at the bottom of every editor. So please, download the plugin if you do not have it already installed and activated.

Once you understand how to use this plugin and what every line means. You will be able to take your great content and be sure it is optimized to it’s fullest potential. Making it easier to be picked up by search engines. So let’s dive in!

Better SEO Knowledge Thanks To Yoast

Breakthrough With Better SEO Knowledge

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Snippet Editor
Here you will find the snippet preview and the button to edit the snippet. A snippet is what you see for each result on Google, Yahoo, and Bing after you perform a search.

You should make sure your target keyword for the post is in the title, the URL, and someplace in your description.

Focus Keyword
This is the keyword or phrase your post is about. This needs to be entered for the plugin to know what it is you’re trying to rank for and what your post is about.

Make sure to do some research during this process and be flexible with it. Changing it to a less competitive subset or version could lead to more traffic.

Meta Keywords
Here is where you will put all the variations of your keyword or phrase. Be creative and try to put yourself in the searcher’s shoes.

Content Analysis
This is the bread and butter of the plugin. The goal is to have an overall green light at the top left of the plugin’s box. Under this section though you will see a breakdown of what the plugin looks for.

It will give you red if you have done a poor job on that checkpoint, yellow if you did a good job, and green if you did a great job. Let’s dive into these a bit more for better SEO knowledge.

Stop Words
These are words like “the”, “and”, “so”, etc. These types of words Google typically leaves out of search results and making them a part of your key-phrase may not be helpful.

That being said Google is getting much better at using these stop words so this checkpoint will not count for our against your overall color.

Number of Words
This plugin want’s you to have at least 300 words; I like to shoot for 500 to 1,000 but don’t draw it out if you have run out of useful things to say.

Meta Description
This wants you to manually place a meta description. Remember to make sure you keyword/phrase is included in this short paragraph.

ImagesBetter SEO Knowledge
It’s good to have images on the page. If you are using WordPress make sure to make the “alt text” the same as your keyword to help rank in Google image searches.

Keyword in first paragraph
This is to make sure your focus is clearly expressed from the start of your copy (writing). This should be fairly easy to accomplish and I even tend to go back and rewrite the paragraph to make sure it flows.

Flesch Reading Ease
Lower the score the harder the post is to read. Keep it easy for your visitors to read and they will not feel like reading your blog is a chore.

Outbound Links
Linking to other sites shows the search engines that you are participating in the internet community.

Use your keyword in at least one subheading (like H2 or H3). This will help Google understand what your blog post is about.

Focus Keyword in the URL
This will happen automatically if you have your keyword in your title if using WordPress. Be sure to check since long titles do get truncated.

Focus Keyword in the title
This is a must. Learn how to write magnetic headlines and incorporate your keyword in the mix.

Title lengthbetter seo knowledge
Too long and it will get chopped up in Google’s search results

New Keyword
It’s always a good idea to use a new keyword to help expand your site within your niche.

Keyword Density
Make sure this is not red! You do not want to have too many instances of the keyword or phrase in your post.

This will not only make it sound weird to your readers but it can also cause the search engines to penalize you. The correct density changes depending on how many words are in your post.

Few! That’s a lot of information. Don’t worry, you have no need to memorize all of that. The plugin has enough information in the box that you will know what needs to be done in order to get those green lights.

One last thing. Don’t get stuck on trying to get every light at the bottom of the plugin green. It can be a waste of time and might even make your writing sound forced and weird.

All you need to do is make sure the overall light is green. This can be seen at the top right of the post editor screen or at the top left of the plugin box at the bottom of the editor screen.

Tell us how this plugin has helped you gain better SEO knowledge.


    Sunidhi Suganthi

    Simple yet effective tips for WordPress SEO with Yoast. These are good for all the beginners who are starting blogging on WordPress platform. There can be many other optimization techniques which can be implemented manually on WordPress for better on-page SEO. Like LSI keywords, Structured Data etc. Liked reading this post, thanks for sharing.


      Thanks Sunidhi! I agree with you, there are more things that can be done and I recommend anyone with the time to learn to go out there and learn as much about SEO as possible. Thanks for commenting!

    EG III (EG Green)

    As somewhat of a newbie still I find these tips very helpful…Thank you for taking the time to so thoroughly put everything out there.


      You’re welcome; please share this to anyone who will benefit from the information.


    Hello Jaron,
    thanks a lot for your wonderful work and the excessive list, which leaves no question without an answer. I think, that the best feature is the green light, simple and easy to understand. If I have a question, I will check your article again.


      Thanks Bernd!
      Feel free to ask me any questions. Access to my email address is available on my about page. Feel free to use that if you have a specific or in depth question. I do my best to answer all emails that come my way.


    Thanks Jaron
    This is a very informative post. At the moment I use the all-in-one SEO, what is the difference between these 2 SEOs. Wondering if it is worth me changing? I note actually that the above points can also apply to my current plugin although at present I leave most things for the SEO to do automatically as I’ve been told it would probably do a better job. Any thoughts on that? Thanks!


      Hi Stella,
      I have not seen All-In-One SEO for a few years at this point, so I am not in the best position to give a comparison. However, if that plugin has many of the same parts to it, I’m sure it will do a good job.

      Thanks for commenting!


    Great post and a great site, you clearly know your stuff. I’ll have a good look at Yoast, it sounds like an excellent way to be guided through the SEO process.
    One question, is it free?


      Yes, there is both a free and a paid version. The free one is just fine for the majority of users.



    You said, “We all have a limited amount of time especially when starting your blog and still have to hold down that full-time job you are working to escape.”

    I resemble that remark!

    I’m still working full-time, and spending all my “free time” (what used to be my life!) working on my blog.

    The Yoast SEO plugin should greatly improve my efforts. I do love to learn, but the more I can automate my requirements, the better!

    Thank you for this most excellent suggestion (this page: bookmarked!). Your advice is clear, concise, and easy to follow. I will have to come back (I’m off to work right now!) and review your other posts as well.




      Thanks so much Roger! If you ever need some help or guidance please let me know. Have a checklist like Yoast SEO really helps us focus on our writing. When we do that we come out with better content that servers our readers much more effectively. Thanks again!

    Hari S Nair

    Hi Jaron,
    Thank you for this post and your awesome blog, I am going to be a returning visitor. This are really some very important SEO tips, I know a lot of people love the Yoast plugin and from your blog I can see that it definitely has some great features. I would like to add “internal linking” to your list since I believe it sure does help in ranking a post on search engines. I have always used the all in one seo plugin, do you think it would be nay better if I switch to Yoast and will it be safe to do that now? My site is a pretty old one.


      Yes internal linking is important for both SEO and your readers. Per your questions I think you should just stay with All-In-One SEO since you’ve been using it for so long. There is no reason to have to go through every post and page to tell yoast what the keywords are.

    john Savage

    Enjoyed this post although learning curves are a killer!

    When you say if the title is too long, Google will chop it up, how long is too long?

    Thank you for writing the post.



      Great question John,

      55 characters is rumored to be the most optimal, but you can get between 60 and 65 characters before getting cut off.


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    I have eager to know seo techniques that i wish to collects an informative about Seo, Social media optimizations which your blog is most useful for me.

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