Introducing Backlinks and How To Use Them

Backlinks are basically links to your site that are on another website.

Lets say you own and run site ‘X’, and there is another site ‘Y’ that has a similar topic or niche as your own.

The owner of site ‘Y’ may come to your site, love the content and feel it will benefit his or her audience. So they place a link on their main page, or another page within that website.

Back-linking also happens when you comment on a website and leave your web address there for other commentators to see. Most of the time the comment section of a site is ‘no follow’, so no page-rank will flow to your site.

However this has the potential to bring in new readers and convert them into followers of your own content. That is back-linking in a nutshell, but things can get a little messy with Google in some cases.

Bad Backlinks

There are several ways that are considered misuse on Google’s terms when it comes to backlinks.

Paying for backlinksPaying for Backlinks

This is one of the ways to get on Google’s bad side. They may not catch on for the first few backlinks but after a while it will catch up with you.

Make sure you stay clear of buying backlinks, they are unnatural and will only case grief in the long run.

Backlinks without context

Just commenting on any blog or website to add your URL is not a good strategy for back-linking. Chances are no one will follow to your site and in the rare instance they do, they probably won’t stick around or return.

Never copy and past a blanket statement with your URL in the comment. People catch on and will either delete the comment or send a report to Google stating your website is spamming. Once you get flagged as a spammer it is an uphill battle for a very long time.

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If you have a question about backlinks and how to use them please let me know in the comment section. Thanks for reading.

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