How To Add WordPress To Supercharge Your Blog – Step 4

We now have a place to put our website!

One of the best way to manage a website is with a system called “WordPress”. This is what we will be working with throughout my tutorials and lessons. Creating content is a big part of having a successful website. The more you add fresh content the better your chances of ranking in Google.

NameCheap has a service to easily install WordPress. If you bought your hosting with them the best way is to go to their walk through on installing WordPress. There is no reason for me to retype what they already to a great job at.

Once you have WordPress installed skip to step 5.

We will be going through the manual process here just in case a host someone may be using does not have an option like that.

Finding the FTP Information

First we need to find the sites FTP information. This stands for “File Transfer Protocol” and allows us to connect directly to the server with a client program.

There are many different FTP Clients to use so find one you like and works best with your computer. I like to use Filezilla (it’s free) and is what I have the most experience with.

What we are looking for a few pieces of information:

IP Address – This will look something like or it could also look like ‘’. Make sure you write this down so you can enter it into your FTP Client. If they give you a port number be sure to write this down as well.

Username – This could be almost anything; if you have found the FTP IP Address it will be in the same group of information; make sure you write this down as well.

Password – Again this will be in the same area as the other two and you should be able to change it to make it easier for you to remember.

Adding WordPress Server Icon

Now once you have all this information written down it is time to open up the FTP Client that you have chosen to use. Keep in mind, they may have also sent you an email with all the FTP information; if you can’t find it check your inbox.

If you are using Filezilla, open the program and click the server icon in the upper left-hand corner of the window.

Click the button towards the bottom that says “New Site”; this will give you the spaces to add your information.

Adding WordPress

Top left of group

Add all the information given to you by your host into the correct boxes and click ‘ok’.

Click the server icon again and click the site you just added; now click ‘Connect’, this will now allow you to see the files on your server.

Adding WordPress to your site

Now that we are able to connect let,s go get the WordPress file; it is located at

There is a good bit of information on the WordPress website that I could not write any better if I tried.

Once you have the file downloaded head on over to and follow their step by step instructions.

They made the platform so what better way than getting the instructions straight from them!

If you have any questions about the steps we covered here please ask them in the comments below. Thanks again!

Step 5, WordPress Plugins ➫



    Hey, great guide! I do see you have an article regarding plugins, but I’m really curious to know what type and HOW MANY plugins you would recommend for a sports website?


      Welcome back Julius!
      As for how many is a bit subjective. I always tell people I work with to use the bare minimum for what they need. more is not better but some people need more or less than others. They types are pretty much all the same and those 7 I have in the post you read are good for any type of blog.

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