7 Tips to Increase Profit Massively with Amazon

To profit with Amazon can be a challenge from a blog or website. The well known online retail giant has many products to promote but how do we do it well?

There are many things to think about though, in this post we will talk about a few of them.

7 Tips to Massively Increase Profit with Amazon

1. Stay Relevant

The most important thing is that you keep you traffic, content and solution relevant to each other. If somebody is looking for a blender, you want your content to be about blenders and you want to send the visitor to a relevant offer, a specific blender.
Relevancy is key!

2. Know Your Product to Profit With Amazon

Profit With AmazonWhen monetizing with amazon you are most likely recommending one of the many physical products that they offer. To know your product is important. The best way is of course if you get the product so that you can try it out for yourself.

I know that is not always possible. See if you can get hold of the product in your local store, just to take a look at it and possible try, depending on what it is. Another way is to use similar products and compare, relate to the product that you mention on your site.

3. Product Reviews Convert

Using product reviews on your site, can really improve conversion. They should be in depth and outline the benefits, the good and the bad about the product. This will give your readers great information so that they can decide if the product is for them or not.

When you do your reviews, be honest. Some products will be good, some might not. That’s ok.

4. Link using Text Link and Image Link

When linking out from your site to amazon, you want to use both text links and images. “Click Here” buttons also convert very well.

The great thing is, if you get your visitor to amazon they do a fantastic job converting that traffic into sales IF it is relevant traffic.

5. Promote Low Ticket Items or High Ticket Items?

I say both.

The low ticket items to get your commission % up. You start with a 4% commission but that can be bumped up to 6-8+%. The low ticket items will help you get the volume that you need. The high ticket items will increase revenue.
The high ticket item sales might not be as many as the low ticket items, but it gives a nice income bump.

Profit With Amazon6. Be Ready for the Holidays

Take advantage of the holidays and you will profit with Amazon. The time around Christmas is a great time to be an amazon associate. People are happily opening their wallets to shop online. If you use organic listings in Google, target holiday related keyword terms.

7. Use a Plugin to Make Amazon Link Submission Easier

There are many plugins to use to make amazon link submission easier.

Another reason to use a plugin is to integrate the many different country codes. If you have visitors and potential shoppers from many different countries, you need to sign up with amazon in each and every one of those countries to get credited for the sales. These many different country codes can be easily tracked with the help of a plugin.

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Profit With Amazon


If you monetize with amazon or are interested to do so, itsVicky.com, gives you tips and advice on the topic. Vicky also does an amazon niche case study, where you can follow along and see the progress of the site. See real traffic, revenue and ranking numbers for the case study site.



    Excellent info Vicky! I would love to get into Amazon promotions and creating my own Amazon website. What plugins would you recommend?


      Hi PJ

      The easyazon plugin has worked great for me. Saves me time!!


    Hey Veronica,

    Thank you for all these tips! I like the way how you simplify the process for totally anyone to profit even more as an amazon associate.

    I am already a US Amazon associate, but I think it is now time to sign up as a UK associate as well since most of my website visitors come from the UK.

    I have a question: what plugin do you suggest I use to Make Amazon Link Submission Easier?

    Looking forward to your suggestion. Thank you.



      Hi Jason,

      I’ve been using the easyazon plugin for a few months now and it’s working really well. It’s a premium plugin but it saves me a ton of time and it makes it easy with the different country codes as well,



    Great post! I’m starting to use Amazon on my site now so these tips will definitely help. I’m using both image and text links on my site. Sometimes I do lists as some things are better when they are broken down into lists like an earthquake safety kit. When I do that there can be several Amazon links. Does that negatively affect my search ranking (will Google see all those links and penalize my ranking)?

    teguh wahyono

    nice post, give me new information about Amazon

    Eric Estrella

    Great information I learned a lot. I start applying all these great tips to my amazon associates account. Thank you so much and take care always!


    Thanks for the tips, I’m a new amazon associate and I just put up my first legit post/review featuring foam rollers. I did not know abut a plugin or the different codes for other countries? So thank you for that because I just learned something new! and very important!


    Thank you for the useful tips. I have learned a lot on how to increase profit with Amazon. I am already an Amazon affiliate member so having this information is helpful for success.


    I use the EasyAzon plugin myself. I’ve tried a few Amazon plugins over the years – ReviewAZON which became too complicated to use, WPZonBuilder, BestSellerAzon and others I’ve now forgotten. Having a plugin that allows to to capitalize on the different Amazon regions is crucial.

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