4 Enormous Mistakes Every New Blogger Makes

Every day there are thousands of new bloggers and all of them will make at least one of these mistakes. If you are new, read through this four-part list and identify where you need to improve or revamp.

Followed are four mistakes every new blogger makes when starting out. This includes anyone who has been blogging for less than six months. I work with many people who have just started blogging, and this is what I’ve found to be most common.

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Mistakes Every New Blogger Makes

1. No Email List

This is first because it’s the most important. Without an email list you will not have a resource of direct contact with your visitors. However, these are not just any visitor these are people who loved what you offered so much they entrusted you with their email address.

You can’t control Twitter, YouTube, Google Plus, or Facebook. If they kick you off, you can do little to fix the problem. But you own the email list. That list is yours for life.

If you are reading this and you don’t own an email list on your website head over to MailChimp and grab their free starter account.

They let you have up to 2,000 emails and the ability to send out 12,000 emails each month. They make it easy to set up an email list and add it to your website.

If you can add an incentive to your opt-in do it. On this site I’m giving away a copy of my cheat sheet that has a list of 8 tools I use when building blogs. These tools help lead people to success online.

People like to get things when they give so think about what you can offer for their email address. And don’t forget to always thank them for signing up. There are many websites out there and they picked yours.

2. Niche Issues

4 Mistakes Every New Blogger MakesNot choosing the correct niche, or a niche at all, is one of those mistakes every new blogger makes that will dampen your growth.

Let’s start with not having a niche.

I’ve done this in the past and know firsthand how hard it is to get noticed in the blogging world without a niche. Writing about anything I found of interest was the biggest mistake I made in the early years. If you don’t pick a topic to write under your audience won’t know what to expect when coming to your site.

So now what about choosing the correct niche? This is up in the air since every person has different knowledge and interests. As a new blogger sit down and think it through. It’s not too late to change your blog’s focus early in the game. It’s much harder to do so when you’ve been established.

When deciding your niche think about what you love to talk about and not just today but for a long while. Make a list of five to ten topics you find interesting. Then pick the top three you have the most knowledge about.

Finally, pick the one you are interested in the most out of those three. That should be your niche. You not only know a lot about the subject which gives readers the sense of authority they are looking for. But you won’t get sick of writing about that topic because you enjoy the subject.

3. Being Writer Focused

Ah the old, “this is my blog so it must be about me” issue. Yup, you guessed it, your blog is not about you. The blog is all about your readers. What issues they deal with, what problems they need solved, and how they interact with your blog.

Write to them; there is nothing wrong with a personal story as an example to help bring them further along to the answer. Just make sure you are not rambling on about yourself or your past problems you’ve solved.

Show them you care about the issues they are looking to solve within your niche. Reply to comments when they come and only email them when it’s important. Write as if you are typing a letter to a friend who needs your help. You won’t use a lot of “I” and “me” in those letters. You stay focused on them and the issue at hand.

4. No Schedule

4 mistakes every new blogger makesThis is another one of those mistakes every new blogger makes that can make or break the success of a blog.

You need to be on a schedule. Send out posts on the same days at the same times. When people find your blog and sign up for the newsletter they like what you’ve written and want to see more. These people often want to have predictability. They expect the new post to be there when the others showed up.

Think of this like a newspaper that your grandfather reads. Every day in the morning he grabs the paper off his porch or step. He expects that paper to be there for him to read at that exact time every day.

Now you need not blog every day and I’d advise against it so you don’t get burnt out. However, you still need to stick to a schedule and release your blog posts one the same days at the same time.

Even though we don’t read as many newspapers as we once did as a culture. We still like our favorite tv show or blog to be reliable with it’s posting schedule. Check out CoSchedule they are a great company with a great app that will help keep you on track with your blogging schedule.

Let’s Wrap Up The Mistakes Every New Blogger Makes

So, make sure you get your email list setup so the people who want to hear about your new posts directly have a way to do so. Second, find the niche you love and know a lot about. This why you are not only authoritative but also interesting to your readers.

Third, don’t focus on yourself when writing. You are writing to your readers, so view them as friends who need your help in your area of expertise. Finally, get on a schedule. There is nothing more important than giving your readers the ability to predict when your new post will be out. This lets them prepare to sit down and learn from you.



    Thanks you! I am new to the blogging world and your
    information will help me. You have a great insight on how to help people become more successful with their sites. The comparison of grandpa reading the newspaper is so true. Many of the older generation start their day with a newspaper, and become angry if they do not have access to it.


    I definitely had 2 of these mistakes. Not having an email list and not being on schedule. With the newsletter you are “just” sending out your new posts to your subscribers right?

    I will go and fix a email list at mailchip as soon as I have time. It makes so much sense. People that are liking what you write will want to know when more is coming out. I have a facebook page that I try to get the people to like for updates. But your right, you don’t own that and you could get shut down.

    Isn’t having a schedule for your post more important once you have created a decently big audience? Right now I just try to post as many blog posts as possible on a week to build out content.

    But say after 40-50 posts maybe start and just publish two a week (or even one a week?) and always do it on the same day and time.


    Reyner -

    Thanks for the great post here. I have 2 major mistakes namely the email list and keeping up on schedule. The website gives great insight to me as a new blogger.
    Now I have tendency to do other things like playing computer games. This will impact the writing schedule of mine. Should have some motivation beforehands


      If you need some helping fixing those issues I’d be more than happy to help!


    I love how you said that just because it’s a blog doesn’t mean it’s about you. It’s about your readers. Nobody will read your posts if you just make it about you.

    #2 is also a big one that literally everyone hits when they start. No Niche Ideas!

    Also with the email list. For my blog right now I don’t have any traffic. Would you still recommend to have an email list? Its close to 3 months old but if I don’t have any organic traffic I don’t see the point in paying for an email service I won’t even us. At what point do you think you should invest in an email list. And also what emails do you send out?



      That is one thing that helped me the most over the years! Glad you got some value out of the post!


    So true man, having no schedule is something I have been struggling some time ago. When you set everything up, it makes the work flow so much easier, saves time, energy and just makes it more enjoyable.

    Do you have any tips for a starter who just started creating a list? I have everything set up, but have no subscribers lol.


      Schedule might be the hardest part. I’ve actually had to move to from weekly to biweekly because I’m just to busy anymore. But being consistent with whatever we pick is key for our readers.

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