Proven Headline Secrets You Need Immediately

The best headline secrets are not secrets at all. We see them everyday and they get us to click a link or buy a product. The headline is the post title for your blog. Optimizing this to its full potential is key to getting people to read your blog post.

If you write an awesome post you want people to read it but that’s the hardest part. How do we convince people to read our blog in the half of a second as they scroll by our post on Twitter, Facebook, or even in their email in box?

Having the most optimized headline for your blog post is essential to getting eyes on your hard work. The person may need what you are offering but could miss it due to a poor post title.

I have been studying headlines for a few months now from the best writers. In an eBook by CopyBlogger they state that only 2 out of 10 people will click through to your blog post from your link! That’s if you have a good headline. Else, it will be much lower, if any at all. Continue reading Proven Headline Secrets You Need Immediately

Boost From Zero To Three Hundred Unique Readers a Day

I am honored to interview Chris of Charger Outdoors. He and his partner took their blog from brand new, zero readers, to 300+ visitors per day in Charger Outdoors’ first month!

He has great insight into what makes a blog grow. As a new blogger he gives a unique perspective and shows what matters when starting out.

This interview is sprinkled with many gems. That I’ve even gleaned valuable information from my interview with Chris. Even if you are not a new blogger you will find huge benefit in reading his answers.

The questions that follow came from a few consistent readers of this blog to achieve the greatest effect. These readers are new bloggers, just getting started like many of you reading this. I know the answers that Chris gave will be beneficial to everyone. Continue reading Boost From Zero To Three Hundred Unique Readers a Day

An Honest Platform University Review

Platform University has been picking up steam, so I joined and wrote you a review. This membership may not be what you are looking for and that’s fine. Take my experience and conclude if it is best community for building your blog’s brand.

This community offers a lot of great information for any new blogger or someone looking to take their casual blog and take it to the next level. With plenty of videos, how-tos, and downloads. You are bound to find something you will learn within Platform University.

I love what Michael Hyatt does on his blog and always find myself listening to his YouTube videos while I tweak my site. He knows what he’s talking about and his insight is worth your free time.
Continue reading An Honest Platform University Review