How to Start a Blog That’s Worth Reading

This website will get the ball rolling for the new blogger. Showing them the best way to start a blog. With each blog post, you will learn new tips, strategies, and gain the motivation you need to be a successful blogger.

Whether you are new to blogging and have never owned a website, or you have a blog and are looking to improve it, then this is the site for you.

I have broken down the process into ten easy to follow steps. These steps are also available as an eBook that is currently for sale on Amazon.

This ebook has come in handy for many who want to have the steps next to them on their Kindle. While they work through the steps on the computer.

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start a superior blog3 Levels to Starting a Superior Blog:

1. Knowledge:

If you don’t have the required background knowledge on the topic you are going to be writing about, you need to pick a new topic. That is why this is the first level in how to create a blog.

You don’t want to buy the domain and hosting, get WordPress all setup and configured just to find out you don’t know what you are talking about. If we as bloggers are not providing great information to the readers, they won’t come back, and the blog will die.

2. Passion:

You can have all the knowledge in the world about a subject. But if you don’t have a passion for what you’re talking about you might as well not have that knowledge. People can tell through your writing if you have a passion for the subject.

If you love what you are sharing, people that love it, or want to love it, will love your blog. Show the people that your knowledge also comes with great enthusiasm.

3. The Setup:

I have this last, but it is the most important in my honest opinion.

The setup is where many new bloggers fall short. They have the passion for the subject they are writing about, and they have a huge amount of knowledge that others could use and learn from which are both qualities of a great blogger.

But, without a good setup, everything can fall flat. More on this in the start a blog walk-through.

Why You Should Start a Blog Today

The fact that starting a blog is inexpensive, less than $1 per month for the first year. The low cost means that anyone with passion about the knowledge that they can share with the world can do so. You should start a blog for the benefits it can bring you. As well as the satisfaction of helping others with your creation.

Overview of The Steps (Condensed Version)

1. Choose a Blog Name

Take your time with this and try many variations. You can come up with some unique names over the course of a few days. The more time you brainstorm, the better your chance of finding “the one.” This should also be the domain name you purchase.

2. Install WordPress to Your Host

I have a walk-through for this step as all the rest. It’s not as hard as you might think. If you follow my guide and use the host, we have linked you will get through the process in a matter of minutes.

3. Customize Your Blog’s Look & Feel

This section is where you change colors, font styles, and font sizes. Keep it simple and easy to read. “14 point font is new 12 point.”

4. Add plugins to supercharge

Check out the post 7 Superior Plugins to Simplify Your Growth

5. Write Your Posts

Now we can get our creative juices flowing and put that passion and knowledge down on paper. Don’t spend more than two days on this. You can always go back and tweak (and Google tends to love it when posts get updated)

3 Benefits of Starting a Blogcreate a blog

1. Potential Income

There is never a guarantee that you will make money blogging but it is a possibility. Don’t expect to get rich off a blog nor a quick income. If you want to make some side cash from blogging, it’s going to take work.

2. Recognition

Not much feels better than recognition for your knowledge. I can attest to this. Helping people improve their blogs or start a blog, feels good but it feels even better when they say thank you!

3. Satisfaction

Taking the time to write out posts and make your blog the most attractive it can be is satisfying. That is why I still make new ones every year! That first taste back in the third grade led me down a rabbit hole that I want you to join in on.

Why I Urge Against Starting a Blog on a Free Platform

1. Free is Not Free

Many free sites online have hidden charges or make you the product. This concept is the same for free blogging platforms. They often entice you to join since it’s free but then they make all the profit if your blog is successful. That does not sound rewarding for all that hard work.

2. Small Profit Potential

As mentioned above, starting a blog on a free platform. Is going to take away any potential revenue that you could be making with a blog you paid to have hosted. No one is telling you where you can and can’t place ads. No one is telling you that you what products you can and can’t promote, which leads us into my next point.

3. Zero Control

This problem may be the biggest reason I urge people into setting up a blog themselves instead of using a free service. Why should you put all your hard work into the control of another entity? If that service shuts down, all your work gets lost. If they decide you are breaking their terms of service they can shut you down and again, you lose everything. Don’t place your hard work into someone else’s control.

The only exception to the rule can be found here. This is because of the great community backing the free account. But, even this community agrees that you should host your own blog.

Start a Blog Off on the Right Foot

Use the steps I have outlined at the link below. Take the time and put some thought into your goals and what topic you will write about. Many of us have a passion for many things. Find that one topic to which you always find yourself going back to.

If you have any questions, I am always available as long as I’m not asleep. You may email me or send me a tweet on Twitter. You can find my email address on my about page, and you can tweet @jrswab. I am here to make your setup easy and to teach you the best practices in blogging. Please feel free to use my knowledge to your benefit.

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